Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Telephone call today ... 4/10/18

Today I called Roanoke Outdoors and spoke with an individual that I had worked with, initially, last year when I tried to get into the Blue Ridge Marathon as a hand crank cyclist.  Needless to say ... and for reasons I will not reopen at this tuime ... I was not allowed to enter.

In November of 2017, I went online to the Blue Ridge Marathon website and tried registering for the 2018 BRM.  I was completely honest with my application listing my illnesses and medications.  The site ACCEPTED my application AND my payment.  I was even sent an email congratulating me for entering the BRM.

In December 2017, I injured my elbow requiring surgery to repair on 12/27.  This repair became infected  and required a second surgery on January 19th to remove original repairs, cleanse the wound and redo the procedure.  This was effective and I was released to ride on March 15th.  There was not enough time to effectually train fore this years BRM.

After speaking with my counsel, John Litchenstien, we decided not to ride this year and to give me a year to properly train for the event in 2019.  Additionally, John had plans to be out of town during this period and was not prepared to go forwards.  I knew he was right and agreed to hold off until next year.

As April 10th, I had heard nothing from Roanoke Outdoors about my application so I gave a call to the person I had spoken with last year.  I asked if they had even review2ed the applications yet and the reply was "NO".  O advised that I had registered and had recieved my confirmation # and congratulatory email.  I then advised that I was not going to be able to participate this year due to my injury.  As I understood ... it was apparent I would not have been allowed to participate any way.  I advised I had already requested a "deferral" to the 2019 BRM and that had been accepted.

I then advised that I had an attorney and w2ould be persueing legal action in Federal Court to be allowed to participate due to Discrimination Against aa Disabled Athlete.  The call was quickly ended after that point and it appears I will be having my day in Court on this matter.

I then called John Litchenstien's office and spoke with his legal assistant, who remembered me, and was forwqrded on th John's voice mail for his review upon his return.  Whether or not I am ruled or or against ... I WILL stand my ground for what I feel is right !!!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 1, 2018 ... I'm NOT foolin' !!!

Hello ALL !!!  It's not a ghost writer ... It's really me !!!  I know I have been gone a while but I am back.  I have had a tough few months here lately ... I had my hi[ replaced last October 31st and it has done great!  The in December when I was just starting to ride my hand crank again I was struck down ... w2here it could possibly cause me the most harm ... After riding my handcrank, I came home and was getting my walker out of my car when IT happened ...

As I was getting the walker, it felt like a hot poker was being  into my elbow !!!  It hurt so much that I let out a scream that startled even me!  Thinking I had just pinched a nerve ... I kept on keeping on .. The pain backed off but never went away.  After a couple days I called my {.A. and went to see3 him.

He looked at it a moment and went to get another Dr. ... Dr. Jeremy Smalley, the new Doc at Virginia Orthopedic.  He ordered an MRI and set another appointment.  When the verdict came in ... I had tore the tendon and muscle in my left elbow.  Surgery was set for December 27th.  After the surgwery, I was sent home after two days.  The wound never really healed and it was found out that it had become infected.

A second surgery was set for January 19th to take out and clean up then re do the tear.  The next appointment was set for March `5th .... At least it was the appointment I was looking for ... The one to release me to begin riding my hand crank trike again !!!

Since then, I have only ridden about 41 miles, but I am back in the saddle!!!  The muscle in the left elbow has atrophied greatly since the initial injury but I am back riding and lifting weights to regain some of what I had just five months ago.  It is a struggle but, my life has been a struggle and I have NEVER quit giving my all !!!

So, now that I am back ... you will have to come back to follow my progress !!!  The Blue Ridge Marathon  is not going to happen this year so I have set my training focus for the Colonial Crossroads MS-150 on June 2-3 this year .... So please come back and follow this dream !!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hello Old Friends ...

Hello All,

I am back after being gone for over 8 months now ... No real excuse ... just lazy I reckon.  The last three months hve been a "blur" though !!!  I had my left hip rplaced on Oct. 31st and tht hs done remarkably well !!!  In December I had gone for a ride on my hand crank trike and as I arrived home I was taking my walker out of the back of my car when something like a HOT POKER sdhot through my left elbow.  I monitored it a couple days but there was no improvement.  I went to Orthopedic weho sent me for x-ray and MRI ...

It seems I had tore the tendon and muscle in my left elbow !!!  NOT GOOD for a hand cyclist and someone that lifts weights during winter months !!!  I had surgery to repair on December 27th but the wound never seemed to heal.  I went back Jan' 16th and was determined the woumd was infected !!!  Had surgery Jan. 19th to take out repair hardware and repair AS BEST COULD.

That is where I am now ... I just got "pick line" out Thursday but still on oral antibiotics.  I go see elbow Dr. tomorrow, Feb 12th to find out current status.  My dream of riding Blue Ridge Marathon this year is shot ... Last year I was "trained up" and ready but they shot thaqt down.  This year I wa\\had an attorney ready to go to court if necessary for DISCRI<INATION AGAINST A DISABLED ATHLETE !!!

I guess now I have a yer to get trained up for the 2019 BRM ... I will not bow down or back out to what I see as blatant discrimination !!!  They have no idea who I am if they think that will happen !!!

I am already registered for the Salem Half Marathon again this year after coming in first for the 60-64 year olds this year !!!  And the race director is the same for this event as the BRM ... GO FIGURE !!!

Please come back and follow my BLOG as I promise to do better keeping it up !!!  Email me anytime with questions or comments at kennyw@rev.net ... Have a GREAT day !!!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

My Family and Friends ,,,

I apologize for not getting out timely BLOGS for last couple of days.  For some reason I could not make it happen at the hotel we were staying at in Williamsburg.  We had driven ahead about 30 miles just to be able to stay at last hotel for two nights then drove back Wednesday to catch up the last real miles into Williamsburg ... Those last miles were real sweet as they were ALL on the Capital Greenway which runs from Richmond to Williamsburg ... Nice trail withg minimal hills and NO vehicle traffic except whebn crossing the route to change sides of the road.  This haqs been another amazing cycling adventure to add to my list of REALLY COOL RIDES !!!  Ridning for the MSAV haqs been expecially rewarding and fulfilling for me as well k!!!  And riding with so many of my family and friends following me along this journey has been a real treat !!!  You all artr the vest !!!  Having friends such as you all is, I believer, a testament to my life which has in so many wys been BLESSED !!!  And if you think this is mty last adventure ... You really don't know me very well !!!  I am well aware that I must stay active in order to maintain ANY level of fitness and continued abikity to [articipate in events like these ... I also know father time is catching up to me as well but as long sas I have a long steep hill to keep going down ... father time is going to need to step it up to catch me !!!  Once again ... I wish to thank each of you for following me along this journey ... It WAS challenging & fulfillinf !!!  For your namy prayers nand good words ... I THANK YOU !!!  For any financial donations to the MSAV ..,. I THANK YOU !!!  And simoply put ... I THA NK EACH OF YOU FOR BEING THE FRIENDS THAT YOU ARE !!!  THAT is mt BIGGEST blessing !!!  Until our paths cross again ... either in person or out "on the road again"  Nay the Lord Bless You & Keep You !!!  May the wind be at your back and may the sun xhine warmly on your face !!  {eace ,,, Kenny

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday Night Day 13

WOW, Can you even believe there are only two more riding days left in this years tour ?!?!?  I dreamed about doing this ride for months, trained even longer and harder and before you know it ... There are only two days left !!!

And after the past 10 days ... today's ride was an absolute dream !!!  almost NO hills !!!  Unlike most other days on this trip that included mountains and other long hills ... today  had a lot of flat with grntly rolling hills with only a couple hills of any significance.  I am glad and thankful for what I now see as some good training.

The roads were mostly flat and for thatI was thankful.   There is more that happened but unfortunaely my head is bobbing up & down  like a see saw on a warm Spring day so  need to get some rest. 

I apologize my friends  but my eyes are becoming very heavy ...   I have not done s steller job representing thix journey and for that I apologize.  I hope I am not  disappointing anyone too nuch with my lack luster reporting and am  asking you to come back for my last night tomorrow >>> I hope not !!!  Kenny


Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday June 19th

WOW ... with one stroke my entire BLOG entry for tonite just disappeared !!!  But As I was saying just moments ago:  For the few of you that actually read my BLOGS. after today you will only three more days of this languish !!!

Today's day began just like any other day with a big breakfast to fuel a big day of hand cycling !!!  That's right : Oatmeal. eggs. bacon, toast, Coffee and a danish !!!  Yes, I ate all of that !!!  And it was !!!

I started riding about 9:30 that morning after Wayne dropped me off near the end of yesterdays run.
I rode by myself for over 19 miles Until Suzanne caught up with me almost by accident but we rode another 20+ miles before calling it a day and charging the higher rate ,,,  as had been par for the course earlier this week ... rain didn't fall today until after the riding day was over ...

And just like knowing when the rain is going to fall ... and how to prevent it ,., trying to predict the course of multiple sclerosis ...  It not going to happen ...   So, with only three more of riding and blogging left  I hope you cab control  that excitement !!!


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wayneswboro (Afton Mountain) to Charlottesville June 17

Good evening all !!!  I trust each of you had a good Saturday !!!  Even though I am in a new location tonite every day is full of many similarities ... even the hotels and the rooms all seem the same !!!  Although I know they really are not ...  I am truthfully feeling the fatigue creeping in on me ... As much as I enjoy cycling ... there are moments when my body just wants to say ENOUGH ALREADY !!!  But then someone sees the sign on the side of my car and stops his vehicle to say he has MS and I am q1uickly brought back into the reality of just what this event is about ... raisning awareness aqbout Multiple Sclerosis and hopefully raise a liottle money for the MSAV !!!

Although last night was spent in Waynesboro, we did not actually ride teere but as there was no lodging on Afton, we decided to drop down into Waynesboro for a room..  As Brenda and Gloria had to part today ... Wayne and Juanita Gilespie came in to help Suzanne with the work needed to help keep this ol' guy rolling down the highway !!!  Even folks back home are getting in on providing support and ALL efortrs are greatly appreciated !!!

It all  began with a good breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express in Waynesboro !!!  Then I sagged to Afton Mountain where there was some fog this morningf but not too heavy ... Then one of my favorite cycling aspects ... A FAST DECENT DOWN HILL ... WITH SOME GOOD TURNS !!!  ;)   The rest of the day consisted of back country roads around Albemarle County until we made a turn onto US Route 250 East right through the middle of town and UVA campus ... Almost as myuch fun aqs a fast dowqn hill run !!! 

So here we are tonite in another Holiday Inn and hoping to get rest for tomorrows ride into Mineral, VA or womewhere close to there ...  This trip is beginning to wind dfown but it is NOT too late to make a donation to the MSAV !!!  I know many of you have already but I know some are still on that fence ... PLEASE take a moment and reconsider making a donation of ANY size to the MSAV by maiking a check to the address on www.msride.org or by clicking on the donation kink on my facebook page !!!

This has been a tough and challenging journey and it isn't over yet !!!  Even when I roll into Yorktown sometime this week ... it still won't be over ... so please help me by making a donation a donation today !!!  Until tomorrow ... Good night and good night !!!  Kenny