Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy Trails to You

By now most all of you are aware of not only my cross country motorcycle ride to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and to raise money to help find a cure. Sadly, this adventure came to a sudden end this past Friday in Durango, CO when I had an accident involving a car. Physically, I am OK but I am dealing with thoughts of letting folks down, and myself too. I KNOW no one is upset with the fact I am home and EVERYONE is glad I am OK ... Well, I am too but I have just always expected more out of me than others expected out of me. That is a HUGE reason I have lived such a wonderful life !!! And folks, I am NOT exiting stage left anytime soon !!! I promise you I will take this incident and learn from it and that I will retun with another dream one day !!! I could easily ramblr on into some kind of :manifest" but Iwill close out THIS segment by once again saying THANK YOU to MY FAMILY & FRIENDS !!! Life is wonderful but having eaxch of you as my family and friends makes it even better !!! Much LOVE to all !!! 

And keep my brother Carl in your thoughts and prayers as he continues the journey. Please pray for his safe travels !!! 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday June 4th

"On the road again ... I just can't wait to get on the road again !!!"

Well folks, Jeff and his crew pulled a minor miracle out of their hat and got me fixed in what I consider record time !!!  I asked Slade to give me the first grade non-mechanical version of what had happened and he said, " The differential separated" ... Please don't ask for any further technical description of what happened because I will surely disappoint you with my lack of knowledge !!  Just suffice it to say the trike is runniung like a dream !!!

I have talked with Susan and Carl, so both are aware of my excitement !!!  I have already put a short post on FB advising of the fix too and some good friends are already liking and giving comments of support and I THANK YOU !!! It is my friends that mean the world to me and my friends with whom I share this disease are even closer in my heart !!!  I have room for ALL of you and more space is available if needed !!!

My day started off lazily as Carl was off to see his wife Sharon in Colorado Springs. I have a friend about 30 miles North of there I had been hoping to visit but I have spoken with Page a couple times and logistically it just didn't work out so we had to share "cyber <<<HUGS>>>".. Not near the same as real ones but we will just have to get together another time !!!

A couple of days off the bike was good in some ways but I/we have miles to put behind us ... Not that I am rushing in some ways as I am well aware that this is a trip of a lifetime and one of the reasons I am here is wanting me yo continue the journey of raising awareness about Multiple Sclerosis.  That disease began sucking the life out of me nearly 25 years ago but I didn't let it have it's waqy with me ... Not entirely anyway.  I know all too well this disease effects everyone differently and I am both fortunate and blessed beyond all belief to have accomplished the things I have in this life !!!  Even now, as walking is becoming such a challenge for me, ... I try to smile and not let this "stuff" (edited for younger readers !!!)defeat me.

Sometimes it's a tough and, I feel like, a lonely fight BUT I have people around me that love and support me ... Susan, my brother and niece and her husband, close friends I can call on at a moments notice ... I am fortunate to have this level of personal support.  Also, my thoughts about basic humanity are changing a bit as the number of folks have encountered on this trip that do things as simple as hold a door for me, let me use their sholder for added support and balance ... I am moved by those that care and give such insignificant gestures to them ... but meean the world to me !!!  THANK YOU ... BOTH FRIENDS AND STRANGERS THAT MAKE THEMSELVESS AVAILABLE TO THOSE THAT NEED !!!

speaking of a need ... there is a need to find a cure for this disease !  Along with raising awareness about M.S., that is why I am here.  Many of you have heard and answered my request to make a donation for this cause and foir that, I THANK YOU !!!  Some of yyou may be on the fence ... wanting to give but just have not yet clicked on the DONATION link on msride,com.  Some don't like to put their information on line and I understand thtat ... To those folks, PLEASE contact me at and I will give you an address tto send a check which must be msde out to the M.S. Society.  None of these monies are going to support this trip.  That is all on me and part of my gift to the cause. (I also made the first on line donation web.  So PLEASE consider helping make a difference today with your giftt !!!  I thank you !!!

Please come back tomorrow as my riding to the West Coast continues !!  This journey is far from over so do come back and PLEASE invite your framily, friends, co-workers and ANYONE who might either enjoy or possibly be inspired by this tale and journey of one old man trying to make a little positive difference in this world and particularly to those living with this disease ... I thank you in aadvance for doing the right thing !!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday June 3rd

Hello from Durango, CO ... One might think that spending an extra day in Durango might be an horrible experience due to my trike being literally in shambles at the present moment but actually it has been a MOST pleasant day !!!

It began with th the folks I met in Pergosa Springs when the trike first broke down.  V EVRYONE Carl and I spoke with were MOST pleasant and helpful !!!  From Josh with Timberline Construction who was going to hok a flatbed to his truck and take the trike to Durango to Laurie who showed concern and offered support to this olod guy struggling to walk across a gravel lot with my cane to Kyle the tow truck driver ... Even when it was time to put the trike on the flatbed, Kyle didn't want to use the joist and pull it on so he asked several bikers leaving the sports baar tcome over and help push it on ... Wirhout ANY hesitation ... they came over and "got her done !!!"

On the drive back to Durango, I candidly asked Kyle if the mechanics at Durango HD were any good ??? He responded immediately that Slade was the best Harley mechanic in the area.  We arrived there a little after 7:00 p.m. and unloaded the trike right in front of the shop door so it would at least have to be moved in the morning.... This morning, Carl went lover to the dealership to see if he might borrow a car to come pick me up.  A few minutes later the BIG BOSS showed up and personally picked me up.  Jeff was a good man ... you could just tell by his demeanor and how he talked.  Of course he didn't tell me he was the Boss  but I thanked him and shook his hand as I exited the truck.

The first person I met when I walked into the shop office was Slade.  He introduced himself and began with what he had already completed before I got there.  The entire rear trunk, luggage rack and seat had been removed so he could get to the heart of the problem.  He then described what he had found but wanted to go deeper into thed heart of the problem to make sure nothing was missed.  Needed parts to make the repair had to be ordered by noon to make the next day delivery.  He set back to work and said he would keep me posted.He described what had happened and I will spare you the details that I'm not  sure even I understood completely. The part I DID undersand was "COVERED UNDER WARRANTY!" This Slade guy is good !!!

While he was doing his work, I was on the line with my insurance agent and with Harley Davidson to see what assistance might be available for the towing expense which had been incurred. I also described to the HD Office how wonderful ALL the folks at the Durango HD had been with me !!! Although not completely covered ... I recouped about half of my expense and I was OK with that !!!  After being at Durango most of the morning and into the afternoon ... It was like I was being accepted into the family and that was a good feeling.  It COULD have been such a negative experience  but happily, it was quite the opposite !!! Even as Jeff was heading out to lunch, he offered to bring back something for me which I graciously accepted.  He returned with a most wonderful burrito and would not accept any payment from me ... unreal !!!  I talked some with Kathy who worked there and was an avid rider.  She is also president of a women's precision riding team and they have traveled literally all over the world.  I told her that if her crew was ever in Virginia thewy had a place to stay !!  By the way, Kathy also gave some money for the cause after hearing my story ... And there was Andy ... a nice lady that kept trying to get me coffee and look after me ... And a smile that could melt an iceberg !!! ;)  Everyone was GREAT !!!

So you see how my day was ... How was your day ???  Oh, I waqs also notified of several donations made to the online cause and I GREATLY appreciate that as well !!!  So please keep your supportive words, generous gifts and thoughtful support coming ... it is ALL appreciated !!!  So come back tomorrow to see just what is going on in my wonderful world !!!  Thanks for being here !!!  ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday June 2

Hello again and thanks for  checking back in !!!

It was a beautiful morning ans we started off of this leg of our journey.  The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and there were just a vfew white puffs of  clouds in the sky.  We left Tucumcari headed fir Las Vegas, NM ... It was the reverse route of our cross  country bicycle ride back in '02.  I didn't remember it being that long of a ride years ago ... 114 miles ... I guess I was having so much fun that day that I didn't think about how far it actually was.  Fond memories of that special time 134 years ago flooded through my brain as I saw several saites that triggered immediate wemotions !!!  All GOOD emotions !!!!  I loved cycling sao very much ba ck in the day and I really miss those days in ther saddle.  The motor cycle offers an opportunity to have emoions too but pedaling yourself across this great  country is the tops !!!

After leaving Las Vegas, NM we hit I-25 and moved qui ckly to our second stop of the day ... Santa Fe Olf ZTown.  Itg has such a distinctive southwestern look like no qwhre else in this country. We didn't stay long and hit the road again and after a quick lunch ... we hit some wonderful back roads of our newest State to travel in ... Colorado !!!  We were taking back roads and heading toward Durango, co AND I WAS SURPRISED TO STILL SEE SOME OF THE HIGHER MOUNTAIN PEAKS COVERED WITH SNOW !!!  Whoops ... there goes that sneaky CAPS key again !!!

W then dropped down the mountain and headed into a quaint little town ... Pergosa Springs.  I will never forget this town !!!  As I slowed down getting near a junction in the road I heard an odd noise coming from my trike.  Being deaf in one ear I just couldn't figure out what he noise was coming from.  when trying to pull out into the traffic I soon realized that my transmission wasa stuck in first.  I pulled to the side of the road and waited fior Carl to realize I was noi longer riding behind him and come back.  He gave the trike a quick check and ssaid we would need to have it towed toi mthe nearest Harley  shop  which was in Durango .. about 80 miles away !!!

Carl had the number and c called them.  They were sending out a roll back to pic k the trike up so we had to just waigt about an hour or so.  We were just outside a local sports bar so we went in and everyone there went out of their way to make us feel welcomed !!!  There was no need to worrfy ... hopefully the trike's problems will be coverred by warranty ... I HOPE !  so, the rollback arrived and with the help of a few bar patrons, we rolled the trike up on the truck for its trip to Durango Harley Davidson.  They were closed when we arrived just after 7 p.m. MST so we left the trike in front of the service door for them to hopefully start on it first thing in the morning.

We found a motel room directly across the road from the HD shop so that will make it easy for me to get there in the morning.  Carl has to roll on into Colorado Springs tomorrow as his wife is flying into town  to spend some time with a friend.  And except for the aingst of the trike being broke down ... I'm actually looking forward to a day off the trike !!  But you know .... this is just like life ... things break down !!! With MS ... our bodies break down and, like the Harley mechanic, there are folks working hard trying to fix this MS breakdown.  And for that reason .. I am asking you to consider making a donation to the MS Society so that NZO ONE EVER BREAKS DOWN WITH MS AGAIN !! The fix nay not bew that simple but there have been great advances in recent yeaRS ... i BELIEVE IT'S ONLY A MAtter of time ... And for those who have given already I THANK YOU !!!

SO PLEASE comeback tomorrow to find out what is wrong with my trike so that we can get back on the road to complete this journey and this mission !!! With your help and support ... It CAN be done !!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday june 1st

Hello to all ... And hello to randy who I met at our hotel earlier and was interested in the cause and the ride !!!  It has been a long day, mileage wise with over 470 miles for the day and leaving me with over 3,100 muiles since I left Roanoke just 9 days ago !!!  All of the miles today were on the same road, I-40 through the rest of Oklahoma, the panhandle of Texas and to our stop for the night in Tucumcari, NM !!!

Last night I was wondering just how I was going to survive the day today as it appeared that sleep was NOT going to happen ... at least for me !!!  As I was typing the blog for last night. Carl went to sleep early .... Or should I say Mount St. Carl was awakened !!!  The thunderous sounds bellowing would have wakened even a totally deaf man !!!  Aftrer I had laqid there for about an hour, trying to bury my own head in three pillows with no success ... I finally blurted out some intelegible utterance to which Carl awoke and asked if something was wrong ... Hmmmm ... He readjusted himself and was again asleep before me but at least the thunderous roar was at a minimum !!!  He told me this evening just to punch him and make him roll over if it happens again.

As for trhe ride today ... there is nothing spectacular to talk about ... other than running at about 80 mph most of the day ... You had to run that fast just to hang with most of the traffic !!! Even the speed limit in Texas was already set at 75 !!!  As far as Tucumcari, it has been 13 years since I was last in this town.  Back in '02, we spent an overnight here when I rode my bicycle from L.A. to Boston.  That was also the year Carl and I first met and became friends, so the town has meaning to us both.  Tomorrow we want to revisit some of the roads we traveled those 13 years ago but by motorcycle this time !!!

I guess if I did have one moment today that is worth "high lighting" ... It would have to be the radio station I was listening to on my motorcycle as I rolled down the highway.  It was an "oldies" station and the one song that had me going was ... "I just want to celebrate another day of living ... I just want to celebrate another day of life !!!"  I was singing at the top of my lungs but in all of West Texas ... Who in the world was going to hear me !!!  And as poorly as I sing ... In THAT particular moment ... IT WAS BEAUTIFUL !!!  And that is jsut the way life SHOULD be !!!

Even folks living with M.S., like myself, can still live a beautiful life !!!  But wouldn't it be much better if we didn't have this disease to take away basic human ability such as walking normally without a cane, walker or the use of a wheelchair.  That's what a donation from you can help do when sent to folks that are spending their lives trying to BEAT this disease !!!  And I am asking you to help us by making a DONATION today by clicking on that link at my webpage.  No gift is too small ... I Thank you for your time and I hope you will come back tomorrow for the next entry in this adventure !!!  Bless you and good night !!!  Oh, and please write to me either by making a comment at the bottom of the blog or at kennyw@rev,net ... I would love to hear from you !!!  ;)

Friday May 29th

This began as somewhat of a sad day as many of my new friends were leaving to head home ... Most to Cape Cod and some continuing on to Nashville for a few extra days. As for Carl and myself ... Our adventure was just beginning. But first we had to go to the Harley dealership in Knoxville to pick up Carl's bike as his water pump had gone out. After about 3 1/2 hours ... We were ready to hit the road.

We pulled out onto the Interstate where we proceeded to make very good time until we got to Nashville in pre rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon. With a couple traffic hassles we made our way through town and continued on to our stop for the night ... Clarksville, TN.

Our journey was about to really begin but first I must give an overdue thank you to a most important person to me ... Susan Sheparddson ... My. Best. Friend, confidant, lover and all around great woman ... Sure we have our moments but there is no doubt where her heart is and where mine is as well. She came into my life over 3years ago and can see through all my medical issues to my heart and the man Ii am ... Susan ... I thank you and ove you !!! I will see you in a few weeks when I come home to you Nd the "boys"

As for the rest of you ... Thanks for coming back and continuing this journey with me !!! It's motto late to invite more friends along S well ... Nor is it to late to go on the ms ride webpage and click on the DONATION link at the top to make your tax deductible gift today ... No gift is too small and if you have given already ... I thank you !!!

I am off to dinner now but will return later and complete today's ride in the blog . Until then my friends !!!

Saturday May 30th

This morning Rowe rolled out of C,arksvillee, TN with a picture perfect Saturday morning. The roads we took were lightly traveled and very picturesque ... Much like our Blue Ridge Parkway. I recall thinking out loud to myself ... "wow, what a beautiful day !!!" The sky was beautiful with white fluffy clouds and the temps cooler than recent days. It seemed to good to last. And I was right !!! By early afternoon the clouds were no longer fluffy but were beginning to grow in size and took on a more ominous look !!!

About noon time the first hint of rain began to hit the windshield of my motorcycle. My once beautiful day was becoming a beast. Just as we began to cross the Mississippi River large rain drops began falling. Just minutes earlier we had put on our rain jackets opting not to wear the rain pants ... BIG mistake as within a couple minutes our jeans were soaked. I was following Carl but was forced to watch the white line along the side of the road to stay within my lane.

The next moment I could look up and farther than 25 feet in front of me ... Carl was no longer there as he had turned at an exit I failed to see.  Not to worry, we reconnected, the rain cleared and we rolled from Missouti into our 7th Sttate of this trip, Arkansas. I was very surprised as to how flat and vast the landscape is in this State. As we stopped for gas, we ran into another group of riders from Wisconsin and shared a pleasant exchange. I shared the reason for our ride and asked them to follow our blog and I hope they do !!!
Tonight we find ourselves in Newport, AR and after a shower, some dinner, a phone call with Susan and a little BLOG. Time, it will be time for sleep. Much deserved sleep as I have ridden nearly 2,300 miles since last Saturday and have nearly 10,000 more before I get home. Please come back tomorrow as this jormey is just beginning !!!

And once again, I would be remiss if I didn't ask you to cPPLEASE consider clicking on the DONATION link and making a gift to the MS Society !!! For those that have already I thank you ,,,, and until tomorrow I bid you a good night ... And my THANK YOU for tonight goes to each of you that come back daily to follow my dream in hopes of one day living in a world free of M.S. ,!!

Sunday May 31st

And the word for today RAIN !!! Not a down pour but more like a steady rain fall .... Sat least Carl & I had the right idea this morning and wore our rain suits.. Each time we took a turn in the road, the rain followed us. Absent the rain ... it would have been a beautiful road course. The flat, and straight roads of Arkansasnsasgave way to hills with rolling curves. Last we we rushed those curves and pushed our throttles to catapult us up the next hill. These roads were nice their as sharply curved and the hills less steep but they were wet and a bit of caution was called for this time around.

We left Newport, AR in a Light drizzle but soon turned into a steady rain
Our raining suits kept us dry but the rain made it more difficult for me to see clearly. At. Times I pulled my glasses down to the end of my nose as the droplets on the glasses lenses compounded with those on the windshield forced me to ride more slowly than Carl and I also turned on my emergency flashers to warn any on coming traffic. Fortunately there was little traffic this morning. Carl slowed to wait for me and we rode onto the next town.

we stopped for a bit of lunch and decided to stay on back roads if the rain continued and hit I40 to make better time if the rain held off. As we approached I 40, the rain took a momentary break so Carl turned for the Interstate. We. Made very good time and soon reached our intended stop for the night, Fort Smith, AR " we decided to keep going to shorten our ride to Tucumcari, NM tomorrow. We finally stopped about 70 mileshort of Oklahoma City ... Reaching my 7th State and Carl's 12th State.

So here we are ... Showered, fed, phone calls made and ready for some sleep. Carl is already over there snoring while I finish today's blog. The one thing left for some may be to click on the DONATION link on the msride webpage and make that gift today. Some may ask why didn't I forgo this trip and give that money to the M.S. Society. That is an option but part of my goal and dream is to raise awareness about this disease and to give some hope and a little inspiration to those living with this disease. And besides, the first donation Meade to this site was done by me. I so believe in the mission of this journey that I have to be a contributor as well !!! Won't you join me too ???.

A and my thank you for today go to each of you that also believe. And have made your contributions already !!! So please come back tomorrow and live this dream with me !!?