Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 30m 2017 ,,, A NEW CYCLING SEASON BEGINS !!!

Good afternoon ALL !!!  It has been a while since my last BLOG note and this is to make you aware that I am alive and well !!!  Well, as well as this old guy can be any3y !!!  ;)  Things are moving fast lately ... I was trying earlier this year to get into the Blue Ridge Marathon but for "logistic" reasons I will not be an "official" rider this year ... BUMMER !!!  Never fear and don't think I have given up hope !!! I have ridden the course aqt least 5 times already this year and was looking at doing the DOUB:E MARATHON so .. to make a long story short ... I will be doing it still just that I will be riding the first loop of the course by myself starting at 7:00 p.m. on Friday April 21st.  ANYONE car to join me for the first 26 mile loop .. I will begin at the Roanoke City Library on Jefferson Street and head to Walmut, up mill Mountain to the Blue Ridge Parkway, ride the Roanoke Mountain loop, back to Mill Mountain and up to the STAR,, down the old road to the greenway, cross South Roanoke Park and go under the train track, cross over to Avenham and ride up the Clydesdale to Peakwood and up, up, up to West Ridge, back down to  right on 27th Street to South Jefferson and loop that neighbor hood until I come back down to Jefferson next to South Roanoke United Methodist Church, right again on Jefferson back toward town and turn left on Highland Avenue all the way and turn right toward Wasena bridge, cross the bridge and ride through Vic Thomas Park, cross Memorial Bridge and to a left turn up by the Jesus Saves Church and back down Winona and cross back over Waseba Brisgw ti 5th street, turn at the old Jefferson Gym and go past YMCA until you get to Martin's and turn right up hill , cross Franklin at the old APCO building and YWCA to left hand turn back down to Patr4ick Henry Hotel and Roanoke Library ... THEN REPEAT AGAIN !!!  The second loop will have the "official" double marathoners running ... I am just not allowed to ride in the daylight this year due to "safety" and "insurance" reasons ... GO FIGURE !!!  ;)  This issue will be resolved by next year and I have promised to be a good boy and not cause any issues this year !!!  And just to make you aware, provided you have read akk of this post ,, I WOULD NEVER INTERFERE WITH ANY OF THE RUNNERS !!!  So, keep your eyes posted on this BLOG for future postings as it appears this may be another interesting year and I plan on keeping you posted on this site !!!  As ALWAYS, I thank each of you for your continued support in ALL that I do !!!