Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Telephone call today ... 4/10/18

Today I called Roanoke Outdoors and spoke with an individual that I had worked with, initially, last year when I tried to get into the Blue Ridge Marathon as a hand crank cyclist.  Needless to say ... and for reasons I will not reopen at this tuime ... I was not allowed to enter.

In November of 2017, I went online to the Blue Ridge Marathon website and tried registering for the 2018 BRM.  I was completely honest with my application listing my illnesses and medications.  The site ACCEPTED my application AND my payment.  I was even sent an email congratulating me for entering the BRM.

In December 2017, I injured my elbow requiring surgery to repair on 12/27.  This repair became infected  and required a second surgery on January 19th to remove original repairs, cleanse the wound and redo the procedure.  This was effective and I was released to ride on March 15th.  There was not enough time to effectually train fore this years BRM.

After speaking with my counsel, John Litchenstien, we decided not to ride this year and to give me a year to properly train for the event in 2019.  Additionally, John had plans to be out of town during this period and was not prepared to go forwards.  I knew he was right and agreed to hold off until next year.

As April 10th, I had heard nothing from Roanoke Outdoors about my application so I gave a call to the person I had spoken with last year.  I asked if they had even review2ed the applications yet and the reply was "NO".  O advised that I had registered and had recieved my confirmation # and congratulatory email.  I then advised that I was not going to be able to participate this year due to my injury.  As I understood ... it was apparent I would not have been allowed to participate any way.  I advised I had already requested a "deferral" to the 2019 BRM and that had been accepted.

I then advised that I had an attorney and w2ould be persueing legal action in Federal Court to be allowed to participate due to Discrimination Against aa Disabled Athlete.  The call was quickly ended after that point and it appears I will be having my day in Court on this matter.

I then called John Litchenstien's office and spoke with his legal assistant, who remembered me, and was forwqrded on th John's voice mail for his review upon his return.  Whether or not I am ruled or or against ... I WILL stand my ground for what I feel is right !!!

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