Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 1, 2018 ... I'm NOT foolin' !!!

Hello ALL !!!  It's not a ghost writer ... It's really me !!!  I know I have been gone a while but I am back.  I have had a tough few months here lately ... I had my hi[ replaced last October 31st and it has done great!  The in December when I was just starting to ride my hand crank again I was struck down ... w2here it could possibly cause me the most harm ... After riding my handcrank, I came home and was getting my walker out of my car when IT happened ...

As I was getting the walker, it felt like a hot poker was being  into my elbow !!!  It hurt so much that I let out a scream that startled even me!  Thinking I had just pinched a nerve ... I kept on keeping on .. The pain backed off but never went away.  After a couple days I called my {.A. and went to see3 him.

He looked at it a moment and went to get another Dr. ... Dr. Jeremy Smalley, the new Doc at Virginia Orthopedic.  He ordered an MRI and set another appointment.  When the verdict came in ... I had tore the tendon and muscle in my left elbow.  Surgery was set for December 27th.  After the surgwery, I was sent home after two days.  The wound never really healed and it was found out that it had become infected.

A second surgery was set for January 19th to take out and clean up then re do the tear.  The next appointment was set for March `5th .... At least it was the appointment I was looking for ... The one to release me to begin riding my hand crank trike again !!!

Since then, I have only ridden about 41 miles, but I am back in the saddle!!!  The muscle in the left elbow has atrophied greatly since the initial injury but I am back riding and lifting weights to regain some of what I had just five months ago.  It is a struggle but, my life has been a struggle and I have NEVER quit giving my all !!!

So, now that I am back ... you will have to come back to follow my progress !!!  The Blue Ridge Marathon  is not going to happen this year so I have set my training focus for the Colonial Crossroads MS-150 on June 2-3 this year .... So please come back and follow this dream !!!

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