Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday June 19th

WOW ... with one stroke my entire BLOG entry for tonite just disappeared !!!  But As I was saying just moments ago:  For the few of you that actually read my BLOGS. after today you will only three more days of this languish !!!

Today's day began just like any other day with a big breakfast to fuel a big day of hand cycling !!!  That's right : Oatmeal. eggs. bacon, toast, Coffee and a danish !!!  Yes, I ate all of that !!!  And it was !!!

I started riding about 9:30 that morning after Wayne dropped me off near the end of yesterdays run.
I rode by myself for over 19 miles Until Suzanne caught up with me almost by accident but we rode another 20+ miles before calling it a day and charging the higher rate ,,,  as had been par for the course earlier this week ... rain didn't fall today until after the riding day was over ...

And just like knowing when the rain is going to fall ... and how to prevent it ,., trying to predict the course of multiple sclerosis ...  It not going to happen ...   So, with only three more of riding and blogging left  I hope you cab control  that excitement !!!



  1. Kenny, this is not languish! I truly enjoy reading ur blog & hearing about ur adventures. Hubby & I are on vacation now but FYI, we're both retired & would love to help you out as a SAG sometime on a future ride. Continued prayers for ur last few days of riding!

  2. I hesitate to even respond to your messaqge as it has been ... literqally ... years !!! Ane what years they have been !!! In a nutwshell ... I have been in a wheelchair for just over two yeqars now . At first, just over two years ago, I lost use of both legs ... absolutely NO feeling or use. Well, to further complicate matters, my right hip came out of a socket one day as I tranwferred from my reclinner to wheelchair. Having no feeling ... I never noticed. I found out about six months later when I went to the hosp[ital wiyh bleeding ulcers from a pain medicine (non narcotic) and when doing a scan on my stomqch they saw my hip was out of it's wocket!!! I won't bore you further BUT there is NO reason to feel sorry for me because I qlways keep landing on my feet ... I just wish I could stand up when I do !!! All my best to you !!! Shout back if you waqnt more of my story .... !!! Kenny

  3. I qam embarrassed ti even say HELLO after all this time but here I am agqin !!! If you really haveany interest in keeping up with me ... Go to my Facebook pqge as I keep thaqt up farbwttwe thqn I do here ... Just saying !!! :)