Friday, June 23, 2017

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

My Family and Friends ,,,

I apologize for not getting out timely BLOGS for last couple of days.  For some reason I could not make it happen at the hotel we were staying at in Williamsburg.  We had driven ahead about 30 miles just to be able to stay at last hotel for two nights then drove back Wednesday to catch up the last real miles into Williamsburg ... Those last miles were real sweet as they were ALL on the Capital Greenway which runs from Richmond to Williamsburg ... Nice trail withg minimal hills and NO vehicle traffic except whebn crossing the route to change sides of the road.  This haqs been another amazing cycling adventure to add to my list of REALLY COOL RIDES !!!  Ridning for the MSAV haqs been expecially rewarding and fulfilling for me as well k!!!  And riding with so many of my family and friends following me along this journey has been a real treat !!!  You all artr the vest !!!  Having friends such as you all is, I believer, a testament to my life which has in so many wys been BLESSED !!!  And if you think this is mty last adventure ... You really don't know me very well !!!  I am well aware that I must stay active in order to maintain ANY level of fitness and continued abikity to [articipate in events like these ... I also know father time is catching up to me as well but as long sas I have a long steep hill to keep going down ... father time is going to need to step it up to catch me !!!  Once again ... I wish to thank each of you for following me along this journey ... It WAS challenging & fulfillinf !!!  For your namy prayers nand good words ... I THANK YOU !!!  For any financial donations to the MSAV ..,. I THANK YOU !!!  And simoply put ... I THA NK EACH OF YOU FOR BEING THE FRIENDS THAT YOU ARE !!!  THAT is mt BIGGEST blessing !!!  Until our paths cross again ... either in person or out "on the road again"  Nay the Lord Bless You & Keep You !!!  May the wind be at your back and may the sun xhine warmly on your face !!  {eace ,,, Kenny

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