Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hello Old Friends ...

Hello All,

I am back after being gone for over 8 months now ... No real excuse ... just lazy I reckon.  The last three months hve been a "blur" though !!!  I had my left hip rplaced on Oct. 31st and tht hs done remarkably well !!!  In December I had gone for a ride on my hand crank trike and as I arrived home I was taking my walker out of the back of my car when something like a HOT POKER sdhot through my left elbow.  I monitored it a couple days but there was no improvement.  I went to Orthopedic weho sent me for x-ray and MRI ...

It seems I had tore the tendon and muscle in my left elbow !!!  NOT GOOD for a hand cyclist and someone that lifts weights during winter months !!!  I had surgery to repair on December 27th but the wound never seemed to heal.  I went back Jan' 16th and was determined the woumd was infected !!!  Had surgery Jan. 19th to take out repair hardware and repair AS BEST COULD.

That is where I am now ... I just got "pick line" out Thursday but still on oral antibiotics.  I go see elbow Dr. tomorrow, Feb 12th to find out current status.  My dream of riding Blue Ridge Marathon this year is shot ... Last year I was "trained up" and ready but they shot thaqt down.  This year I wa\\had an attorney ready to go to court if necessary for DISCRI<INATION AGAINST A DISABLED ATHLETE !!!

I guess now I have a yer to get trained up for the 2019 BRM ... I will not bow down or back out to what I see as blatant discrimination !!!  They have no idea who I am if they think that will happen !!!

I am already registered for the Salem Half Marathon again this year after coming in first for the 60-64 year olds this year !!!  And the race director is the same for this event as the BRM ... GO FIGURE !!!

Please come back and follow my BLOG as I promise to do better keeping it up !!!  Email me anytime with questions or comments at ... Have a GREAT day !!!


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