Thursday, May 21, 2015

Flying "solo" for the first time ...

Well, here is my first post on my own ... I'm wondering if my typing this is in vane or will it be triumphant ?!?  In any case ... I'm giving it a go.  I am not downloading any photos today but have been given lessons in that aspect too ... But there is only so much an ole dog cam comprehend at a time !!!  ;)

In any case, I am hoping that you might find time to check this old og out and see how I fare in this journey across our large and wonderful United States !!!  This is assuming and provided that the establishments we stay in have "media centers" or a computer available to keep everyone caught up !!!

Kind words, thoughts and prayers will be readily accepted as this old body attempts to do something that will be an arduous task for a younger and completely healthy man !!!  But that has been my life so why should I try and changes things at this point !!!

I'm just asking for you to follow along, enjoy the journey as much as I am sure I will and drop me a note or comment along the way if you so desire !!!  And as I did in my jounal from my International Falls, MN to New Orleans ride in '06 ... I offered my thanks each day for something or someone that has helped me in m\preparing for this journey ... I will save my most noted help for my first riding day but for today, I thank Beth Garst with Howlin' Dog Designs who helped me at short notice to make this blog possible !!!

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