Saturday, May 30, 2015

Friday May 29th ... The Journey continues !!!

Today began the REAL part of my test ... To see just what fun or mischief or support or encouragement I can possibly get into or create ... It all depends on one's individual perspective ... I think I am here for the fun but I KNOW I a me here to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and to ride for everyone that suffers or lives with this disease !!!

My journey began last Saturday, May 23rd, from the parking lot at Tanglewood Mall with about 25 or so of my best friends there to wish me well !!! Since then, I have ridden just under 2,000  miles and probably have nearly 10,000 more ahead of me !!!

As Carl and I headed out today ... The reality hit me that I was beginning ,my next major life dream ... I am blessed to have realized so many dreams ... Just one major one remains elusive ... Finding a cure for this disease called M.S. ,!! But you can help me with that dream by making a donation today !!! ALL monies donated go to help folks diagnosed with M.S. In the Virginia/West Virginia Chapter with special needs and to send monies to help with research in hopes of onte day finding the cure !!! None of the monies go toward funding this trip ... That is small on me !!! Soo PLEASE, if you haven't already, make that tax deductible gift today by clicking on the DONATION link at the top of the ms ride webpage.

Tog day's ride was 98percent Interstate with no real traffic problems albeit a bit congested in the  Nashville area ... No ordeals at all and only a couple small showers along the way to co cool us off on a warm day !!! Tomorrow we hope to do far more riding on the back roads visiting the States of Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas bringing my total number of States visited to seven.  Hopefully to be near 20 total by the end of this ride !!!

And my thank you for today i.long overdue ... It is to Susan Shepardson ... My Susan who to
Legates me, puts up with me and even loves me to boot !!! As I do her !!! Without Susan, I could not be where I am today !!!  THANK YOU !!!


  1. Hey Kenny. Sounds like you're having a great ride so far. What you are doing for MS is awesome and speaks directly to your wonderful personality. As you and your buddy continue this journey, I will keep you both in my prayers for safe travels. Keep the shiny side up!!

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