Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday May 22nd

Hello my FRIENDS !!!  Finished packing this evening and have the trike almost loaded out.  It has been a bit of a good but hectic day ... The good involved lunch with friends and former co-workers ... Such a pleasant group of former probation officers and a few of their sidekicks, spouses and otherwise best friends !!!  They came together kindof an impromptu gathering to break some bread and wish me Godspeed in my journey !!!

Then ran a few errands with Susan and came home to try and make a few phone calls to get my hand crank trike repaired.  It seems my frame broke during a ride earlier this week and I was in contact with the company I purchased it from and just trying to work out the logistics of it all while I was still in town.  Fortunately, I have Bob Stinnett with Cardinal Bicycle covering my bases while I am on the road ... I am in good hands and thankful for that !!!

And after I returned home I received a text from one of my traveling companions, Carl, asking it I were ready >!>  Well ... ready or not !!!  It seems Carl and his group from Cape Cod are leaving there about 4:00 a.m. in the morning and headed to Winchester, VA where I will meet them tomorrow. 

Before then I am getting a real send off with some of my friends from our local M.S. Support group meeting me at Tanglewood Mall at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon !!!  What a special opportunity to be sent off by some of the folks I ghare this "stuff" aka: M.S. ... One day I hope we can all gather to celebrate the victory of beating this disease and we will ALL have had a part in making this dream come true !!!

Today, I wish to give my thanks to this group ... and everyone else that deals with M.S. ... whether as one that lives with it, a family member, co-worker, friend or whatever connection you have to this "stuff" ... I thank you because I KNOW I have your support, prayers and encouragement while I am off on this ride !!!  Thank EACH of you !!!

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