Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday May 23rd Winchester, VA to Wytheville, Va 360 miles

Hello everyone from Wytheville!!!  sorry for late  entry but this hotel had no media center and it took. Some lucky work to get Carl's IPad loaded with my blog ,,' Today's ride was quite amazing riding through the bAck roads of West Virginia.   Although there was ONE mo,meant today that gave me a start ... About noon timed we stopped for lunch ... One person had gone ahead to WalMart and U THOUGHT WE WEREGOING TO WAIT FOR THEIR RETURN ... WRONG !!,

AS I was standing there! The bikes started up And began rolling out ?.." I hurdle got on my bike ... Not something I do easily or quickly !!! In my haste I forgot to put my cane in luggage
Space or put on my riding gloves ... Both ended up on the ground and I had. To get off.
The trike and start all over ... In the meantime, everyone had left ... One rider realizing my plight did come back and get me so all ended well !!!

So here we are in Wytheville tonight .... We cleaned up and went out to dinner with my new friends .." The High Mileage Riding Club from Cape Cod, Massachusetts .... The way this group has hewn there to look after me especially since they just met me is the reason they are getting my THANK YOU for today!!!

And speaking of helping me ... Or helping ALL of us with Multiple Sclerosis ... Please consider making a donation today as many already helped me and U.S. And for that I sincere,lye thank you '!! For those who haven't yet ... I ask that you click on the donation link at the top of ms today ... Every gift helps and no gift is to small !!!

And JI especially apologized for all the typos this evening as I struggled with this IPad ... Please come back tomorrow as we head into a new State for. More adventures !!! I thank you for being here !!! Kenny

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