Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday May 23rd Roanoke, VA to Winchester, VA

My first day in the saddle began with a nice ride in my '99 Porsche 911 to breakfast in Rocky Mt., VA fcor breakfast at the Hub Restraunt.  A quaint little spot that I often had lunch at when I was a State P.O.back from '88 to '92.  Then it was home to finish my prep for being gone for 5-6 weeks !!!

I knew the local M. S. Support group was planning a "send off" but I was truly shocked when I  rode in and saw nearly 25 folks there that had interrupted their Saturday to come see me off !!!  I was truly moved by the moment and after photos taken ... I set out for my first ride of this journey !!!!  The ride was less than 200 miles today and traffic pn I-81 was quite pleasant !!!

When I arrived in Winchester, I found that Carl and his group had already checked on and had gome downtown for some food.  I ran into Robbie, who was joining our troop for only a couple days.  It was good to catch up with him.I tghen called Susan to let her know of my safe arrival and was updated on the status of our "kids" ... Beau and Rufus ... our two 90 pound Chocolate Labs !!!  SUSAN HAD BEEN SURPRISED TO HEAR THEM HOWLING AS AN AMBULANCE PASSED BY !!!  HOPEFULLY THE ONLY EXCITEMENT FOR THE EVENING !!!! Whoops ... there goes that "caps" key again !!! ;)

Then off for a quick dinner, do a brief journal entry, sshowews and off to bed ... We are only slated for about 250 miles tomorrow ... not bad as Carl and his group had ridden just over 600 miles today !!!

My thanks for today belongs to the Roanoke Self Help Support Group for showing up today and giving me such a wonderful start to this adventure !!!@  It included a nic e prayer for my protection and concluded with a bunc h of hugs from the group !!!  A GREAT way to start ANY trip as far as I am concerned !!!  Thank you to EVERYONE that was there in person and/or in spirit !!!

Please check back tomorrow to see what happens and be sure to share this site with at least one person by tomorrow night !!!  And for those checking in for the first time ... zi am on this journey to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and to raise some monies to help thos folks diagnosed with this disease in the Virginia/West Virginia Chapter and to send money forf research in finding a c ure as, mpre than anything, I want to one day see a world free of M.S. !!!  Please go to my website at and c lick on the donation lonk at the top of that page TODAY !!!  Many folks already have and I give a hearty thank you to each of you !!!  Please do it today... don't wait for tomorrow as we only have today to begin realizing a dream as tomorrow is always a day away !!!  Tune in tomorrow for tghe next chapter in this saga !!!


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