Monday, June 1, 2015

Sunday May 31st

And the word for today RAIN !!! Not a down pour but more like a steady rain fall .... Sat least Carl & I had the right idea this morning and wore our rain suits.. Each time we took a turn in the road, the rain followed us. Absent the rain ... it would have been a beautiful road course. The flat, and straight roads of Arkansasnsasgave way to hills with rolling curves. Last we we rushed those curves and pushed our throttles to catapult us up the next hill. These roads were nice their as sharply curved and the hills less steep but they were wet and a bit of caution was called for this time around.

We left Newport, AR in a Light drizzle but soon turned into a steady rain
Our raining suits kept us dry but the rain made it more difficult for me to see clearly. At. Times I pulled my glasses down to the end of my nose as the droplets on the glasses lenses compounded with those on the windshield forced me to ride more slowly than Carl and I also turned on my emergency flashers to warn any on coming traffic. Fortunately there was little traffic this morning. Carl slowed to wait for me and we rode onto the next town.

we stopped for a bit of lunch and decided to stay on back roads if the rain continued and hit I40 to make better time if the rain held off. As we approached I 40, the rain took a momentary break so Carl turned for the Interstate. We. Made very good time and soon reached our intended stop for the night, Fort Smith, AR " we decided to keep going to shorten our ride to Tucumcari, NM tomorrow. We finally stopped about 70 mileshort of Oklahoma City ... Reaching my 7th State and Carl's 12th State.

So here we are ... Showered, fed, phone calls made and ready for some sleep. Carl is already over there snoring while I finish today's blog. The one thing left for some may be to click on the DONATION link on the msride webpage and make that gift today. Some may ask why didn't I forgo this trip and give that money to the M.S. Society. That is an option but part of my goal and dream is to raise awareness about this disease and to give some hope and a little inspiration to those living with this disease. And besides, the first donation Meade to this site was done by me. I so believe in the mission of this journey that I have to be a contributor as well !!! Won't you join me too ???.

A and my thank you for today go to each of you that also believe. And have made your contributions already !!! So please come back tomorrow and live this dream with me !!?

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