Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday May 6th, 2016

Well, they had said today was supposed to be a rainy day.  NOT !!!  Had breakfast with Under (a good friend) and decided to go for a bike ride as the rain was no where to be found.  Wanted to do a bit of a different ride today so decided to go ride the Roanoke Mountain Loop Road located along the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

I arrived at the Gum Springs overlook along the Mill Mountain Spur of the Parkway before Under and decided to take off on the climb as I believed I would be much slower climbing.  Roanoke Mountain is a far shorter climb than Bent Mountain but is considerably steeper in spots. 

This was my first time climbing this road on my hand crank trike.  It was a significant challenge but I did quite well.  In fact, Under never caught me on the first climb and I was almost at the op when he finally caught me on the second climb!!!  I was quite pleased with that !!!  And we finished it off with a run up to and through the Roanoke Mountain Campground which added almost three extra miles to todays run.

I'm now at home making this entry and preparing to head down to my "gym" to lift weights.  By the way ... Have I mentioned what a challenging life my retirement has become !!!  ;)  Not really ... Just trying to enjoy everyday as much as I can !!!  ;)

Please come back and follow my journey as I will be heading to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in just over a month to begin what is likely to be my most difficult adventure yet !!!  And also remember ... I am doing it all for the MSAV ... A GREAT organization working with a lot of GREAT people and for an even GREATER cause !!!  To provide programs and services for people living with Multiple Sclerosis in Virginia and to further educate and empower each and everyone so that we all may reach OUR FULL POTENTIAL !!!  Bless each of you !!!  Kenny

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