Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thank You to my friends !!!

Today was May 4, 2016.  It was a good day !!!  I ran some errands this morning and picked my trike up from Bob at Cardinal Bicycle before heading to lunch with a most special group of folks !!!  About once a month a group of retired probation officers gather at a predetermined location to break a little bread and spend some time together ...  These bonds have been formed after working together for years !!!

Forgive me, but, I will not begin to name all the names of those present least I forget someone making me feel bad ... Those of you that were there know it ...  And they all bowed their heads as a blessing was given and it was asked that I be looked after while on my Bicycle Tour of Colorado and that I return safely.  A collection was taken up and presented to me to be donated to the MSAV ... (Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Virginia) ... the real reason I am doing this ride !!!

Sure, I love riding my trike ... but the thought of riding it through the Rockies to raise awareness about M.S. and to raise money which will go directly to the MSAV for programs and services, for educational reasons and empowerment for those living with this disease in the State of Virginia!!!  This new 501c3 non-profit is completely staffed by volunteers so ALL funds raised go directly where it might be needed.  This organization is closely monitored by a Board of Directors who either live with M.S.are a direct caregiver of someone that is or just have exemplified themselves by working closely with our group.  We ALL share he same desire and drive ... TO SEE A WORLD FREE OF M.S. !!!

Throughout this tour, I will be asking you, my friends and family, to help us out by making a donation to the MSAV.  The address to make your donation is located on my webpage.  No donation is too small !!!  I have been riding my bike for this cause for over 25 years now so there should be NO DOUBT as to my level of commitment to finding a cure for this disease !!!  Research has come so far since my beginnings and I pray that one day soon we can just all get on our bikes and ride for the pure pleasure of cycling as the cure WILL BE FOUND one day !!!

Please help me realize this dream ... not only for myself but fot EVERYONE living with MS ... Not just those of us that have it but also for the family members, caregivers, coworkers and friends of those living with MS.  I appreciate ALL of you and hope that you will follow my journey through the Rockies. It will be a physical challenge unlike any other I have attempted in the past ...  PLEASE TAKE THIS JOURNEY WITH ME BY FOLLOWING MY BLOG !!!  I thank you in advance !!!

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