Monday, May 9, 2016

Mondsay May 9, 2016

Today was a very different and, might I say, most difficult day.  It began wonderfully as it possibly could with meeting Under at Country Cookin' for breakfast and the decision on where to ride.  I suggested a bit of a different route ... one I knew would test my riding abilities as much as any of the rides I had done thus far to prepare for the Bicycle Tour of Colorado.

Under had to go home to change and get his bike before joining me on the ride so I headed down to Black Dog, where a good number of my rides begin.  The difference today was a route I had not attempted literally in years ... I headed toward Walnut Street Bridge and proceeded up Mill Mountain on the "new" road.  Just yesterday I had climbed the "old" road to the star before descending back down the mountain.

The BIG difference today was I kept following the spur road all the way over to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  An old cycling buddy joined me on the climb up to the camping ground exit, Mac McCorkle, a good guy (and rider) that I have known for years.  One of my best memories riding with Mac was NOT on the bicycle but rather years ago at a cycling event in downtown Roanoke, Mac drove his BMW around the road course leading the racing cyclists through the streets of out city.  And Mac had asked me to join him riding in the passenger seat of his car.  It was a BLAST !!!

After we reached the Parkway we did the short "zig/zag" and began climbing up Roanoke Mountain, the challenging climb Under and I had ridden on Friday .  Only this time we began back in town as opposed to only 1/4 mile from its beginning.  About half way up, Under aught up and passed Mac and myself but that was OK with me.  I was pacing myself and feeling it a bit in my arms.  I knew this was good training for what will be facing me in just over a month.  After reaching the summit, I took a well deserved 10 minute break before heading back down the mountain.

Under said, "this ride is a keeper", so I guess it is one we will do again in the coming days !!!  And that is probably a good idea as it is now just over a month before I am challenged with the "real deal" ... THE COLORADO ROCKIES !!!   I will keep riding and training and I hope that folks will begin to realize just what it is that I am attempting !!!  Taking this old, broken body and trying to push it through some most challenging days ... PLEASE help me by making even a small contribution to the MSAV to assist folks living with Multiple Sclerosis in Virginia !!! 

I thank you in advance for ANY assistance you may be able to provide ... and if you are not in a position to help out financially ... PLEASE give me all the positive thoughts you can that I can keep moving this body up and over those big and beautiful mountains !!!  Kenny

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