Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesdsy May 11, 2016

Another big day on the trike for me !!!  It was supposed to be a rainy day and the way it was looking this morning I had no doubt that would become a reality !!!  :(  But the truth in reality is that one should NEVER count the chickens before the eggs hatch !!!  :)

After another breakfast at Country Cookin' with Under and his son Jason, we left the restaurant to find that the sun was beginning to break through the clouds after all !!!  Under had an appointment so I headed off to Black Dog to do some "warm up" miles and would rondevous at 11:30 for a ride.  So I got in about 15 miles before actually starting the "real" ride.  After returning to Black Dog, Under had to head home so I went back tp my car to leave as well and then along came a fast rider that was heading down to the STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) so I decided to go along.  Hey, It would leave me with nearly 50 miles for the day and that would make me happy with that amount !!!

Coming back into Black Dog for the THIRD time today, I was sure my riding was over and done except I needed about 3 more miles for my 50 mile day ... So off I went to do the "upper loop" to Walker Foundry and back for a quick 3 miles.  As I rolled into the parking lot across from Walker Foundry here came Rodney pulling in.  Rodney is a friend I met about one month ago that also rides a "hand crank trike"  He wanted to ride a bit so I left to do the mile long loop in Norwich while he got ready to ride.

Long story short ... Rodney was heading to the STP so I decided to go again which would give me my first "metric century" (62.5 miles) this year.  After arriving at the STP the sky was beginning to look ominous.  Rodney told me to "take off" and he would be OK so I sped out !!!   It almost worked but as I rolled into Smith Park it began to rain harder.  Stopping this close to the car didn't seem to be an option as I recalled the storm from Tuesday remaining and actually becoming a FULL thunderstorm !!! 

Needless to say ... by the time I got back to the car I was fairly soaked and the rain was beginning to subside !!!  Oh well ... So the day wouldn't be a complete "wash out" ... I changed into a dry shirt and went by Debs Lemonade for one of my favorite after ride bevredges !!!  Oh, and I must add that I DID complete my first Metric Century for the year so, although I was a bit wet and tired ... I was also very happy with today's ride !!!

And might I close out by asking you, if you have read this far ... :) ... PLEASE consider making a donation to the MSAV and mail it to the address that is on the facepage of this website blog !!!  Please keep checking back as the actual Bicycle Tour of Colorado is only about one month away now !!!  Your support and following is appreciated !!!  Until next time ... take care !!!  Kenny

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