Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday May 19, 2016

ONE MONTH FROM TODAY THE RIDE BEGINS !!!  Wow, where has the time gone t's been raining the past couple of days and although the ride is "rain or shine" ... I don't particularly like training in the rain and, in fact, opt mot to ... How did I get this "fancy" writing style ???  I don't know but at least it is far better and FAR more legible than my own hand writing !!!

This time off the hand crank has given me time to have my trike the opportunity for some minor repairs and upgrades so I will be even better prepared for the challenge that is literally just around the corner !!! 

So, I  am off to Cardinal Bicycle to pick up my trike and five the ground just a little more time to dry out before hitting those roads again !!!  And as much pleasure as I find riding the hand crank I must admit ... I DO miss riding my two wheel bike which also gave my life great pleasure and meaning !!!  14 years ago at this very time of year, I was riding my bicycle across these wide and wonderful United States and those days forever changed my life !!!  It gave me an inner confidence that I could face ANY life challenge and STILL SUCCEED !!!  And I KNOW that I have !!! 

My life's journey would NOT have been as complete had I knot ALWAYS had the support of my family and friends !!!  My Mom ws still alive when I road cross country and I called her twice daily during my journey not only for her support but for HER COURAGE !!!  Mom was dealing with cancer at that time and she faced that life challenge without questioning why and without ANY fear of what was inevitable !!!  I hope I have even one ounce of HER COURAGE flowing through my body !!!

So my family and friends ... I am off to face another day ... pick up my trike and hopefully go for a ride later !!!  I ask you to come back to this BLOG to follow my journey through my words and, if you are so moved, I ask you to consider making a tax deductible donation to the MSAV and mail it to the address that is on the bottom of the facepage of this website ...

Until next time ... Take care !!  Kenny

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  1. So...I finally stayed awake long enough to read all of the info on your website and as much as I thought I knew about you...I just learned even more that amazed me. You are one of, several gifts I have received from God above... people in my life, that I consider to be a blessing from the good Lord! Your raw desire to reach higher and higher against the odds, gives me even more reason to hold you in the highest regards! You are a very strong & determined man who has been blessed with a strong network of people who love and support you. My love and respect to Susan for all she is in your world. You have found a wonderful lady there! I wish you the best of luck on the upcoming ride for M.S....a disease we share in common. I thank God for bringing me to the Roanoke Valley M.S. Support Group, of which you were a part of. It has led me to believe that I TRULY do have someone who " gets it" to turn to at any given time. Ride safe...ride strong...feel the wind on your back and I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless....