Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday may 29, 2016

Three weeks from today I began what will likely be my most challenging venture to date !!!  Six days and 359 miles through the Rocky Mountains !!!  And I just received word from a good friend who livers in Colorado that it has been a "wet spring" which can translate to colder temps and possibly some "white stuff" particularly above 10,000' !!!  I CAN;T WAIT !!!

No ... really I CAN  but it will happen either way and I must be ready !!!  That is why I have been doing all the training and riding this year ...  having ridden more than 2,000 miles for the year after Saturday's ride !!!  It was supposed to rain today so I planned to take a day off the trike and, of course, NO RAIN !!!

But first things first and I must begin to mentally prep for this next weekends ride ... The Virginia/West Virginia Colonial Crossroads MS-150 !!!  It is the inaugural ride for this event but will make close to 50 MS biking tours I have ridden in over the past 27 years... with over 10,000 miles ridden raising money and awareness for the cause and dream ... TO END THE DEVASTATING EFFECTS OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS !!!  Where have all the years gone so quickly !!!

So, my friends ... stay tuned as all the excitement is gearing to start up !!!  It is NEVER too late to send a comment OR to make a donation ... which is tax deductible !!!  I really do appreciate ALL of my friends and family and especially ALL the support I am constantly receiving !!! 


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