Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday May 16, 2016

And good day to all !!!  One month from today I will be heading West to begin my hand crank challenge of riding 359 miles in 6 days through the Colorado Rocky Mountains !!!  Have I lost my mind ... Quite possibly !!!  But it is a personal challenge that I am taking very seriously !!! 

But I have to admit ... I DID taker the last couple of days off the hand crank trike to spend a couple days riding my "other trike" ... my Harley !!!  Susan and I spent a couple days on the Roanoke Valley Harley Owners Group ride ... The Hillbilly Hot Dog Ride to Huntington, WV.  There were 24 bikes and trikes with about 35 people riding ...  LOTS OF FUN !!!  Even though the weather got a bit wet and sloppy on Saturday and never really warmed up that much on Sunday ... A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL !!!

So here I am back home ... My hand crank is presently at Cardinal Bicycle as Bob is "fine tuning" that machine to make sure it is ready for the BIG HILLS of Colorado in one month.  That will allow me time to test ride it with the new components and get things squared away before the ride begins !!!

I just wrote another entry on FB and, althjough it shouldn't bother me,  I don't like asking my friends for financial support.  But it's NOT for me ... it's for all my friends living with M.S. ... I just want to try and help make things a little better for those of us living with the disease and our caregivers ...

So, as you follow my BLOG along ... Please take a moment and consider sending a donation to the MSAV ... our address is on the facepage of this website ... I appreciate ANY assistance you might be able to give and I ask you to keep following this BLOG ... especially as I head into the challenge of riding through the Rockies in just one month !!!

Thank you my friends !!!  Kenny

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