Monday, June 1, 2015

Friday May 29th

This began as somewhat of a sad day as many of my new friends were leaving to head home ... Most to Cape Cod and some continuing on to Nashville for a few extra days. As for Carl and myself ... Our adventure was just beginning. But first we had to go to the Harley dealership in Knoxville to pick up Carl's bike as his water pump had gone out. After about 3 1/2 hours ... We were ready to hit the road.

We pulled out onto the Interstate where we proceeded to make very good time until we got to Nashville in pre rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon. With a couple traffic hassles we made our way through town and continued on to our stop for the night ... Clarksville, TN.

Our journey was about to really begin but first I must give an overdue thank you to a most important person to me ... Susan Sheparddson ... My. Best. Friend, confidant, lover and all around great woman ... Sure we have our moments but there is no doubt where her heart is and where mine is as well. She came into my life over 3years ago and can see through all my medical issues to my heart and the man Ii am ... Susan ... I thank you and ove you !!! I will see you in a few weeks when I come home to you Nd the "boys"

As for the rest of you ... Thanks for coming back and continuing this journey with me !!! It's motto late to invite more friends along S well ... Nor is it to late to go on the ms ride webpage and click on the DONATION link at the top to make your tax deductible gift today ... No gift is too small and if you have given already ... I thank you !!!

I am off to dinner now but will return later and complete today's ride in the blog . Until then my friends !!!

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