Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday June 4th

"On the road again ... I just can't wait to get on the road again !!!"

Well folks, Jeff and his crew pulled a minor miracle out of their hat and got me fixed in what I consider record time !!!  I asked Slade to give me the first grade non-mechanical version of what had happened and he said, " The differential separated" ... Please don't ask for any further technical description of what happened because I will surely disappoint you with my lack of knowledge !!  Just suffice it to say the trike is runniung like a dream !!!

I have talked with Susan and Carl, so both are aware of my excitement !!!  I have already put a short post on FB advising of the fix too and some good friends are already liking and giving comments of support and I THANK YOU !!! It is my friends that mean the world to me and my friends with whom I share this disease are even closer in my heart !!!  I have room for ALL of you and more space is available if needed !!!

My day started off lazily as Carl was off to see his wife Sharon in Colorado Springs. I have a friend about 30 miles North of there I had been hoping to visit but I have spoken with Page a couple times and logistically it just didn't work out so we had to share "cyber <<<HUGS>>>".. Not near the same as real ones but we will just have to get together another time !!!

A couple of days off the bike was good in some ways but I/we have miles to put behind us ... Not that I am rushing in some ways as I am well aware that this is a trip of a lifetime and one of the reasons I am here is wanting me yo continue the journey of raising awareness about Multiple Sclerosis.  That disease began sucking the life out of me nearly 25 years ago but I didn't let it have it's waqy with me ... Not entirely anyway.  I know all too well this disease effects everyone differently and I am both fortunate and blessed beyond all belief to have accomplished the things I have in this life !!!  Even now, as walking is becoming such a challenge for me, ... I try to smile and not let this "stuff" (edited for younger readers !!!)defeat me.

Sometimes it's a tough and, I feel like, a lonely fight BUT I have people around me that love and support me ... Susan, my brother and niece and her husband, close friends I can call on at a moments notice ... I am fortunate to have this level of personal support.  Also, my thoughts about basic humanity are changing a bit as the number of folks have encountered on this trip that do things as simple as hold a door for me, let me use their sholder for added support and balance ... I am moved by those that care and give such insignificant gestures to them ... but meean the world to me !!!  THANK YOU ... BOTH FRIENDS AND STRANGERS THAT MAKE THEMSELVESS AVAILABLE TO THOSE THAT NEED !!!

speaking of a need ... there is a need to find a cure for this disease !  Along with raising awareness about M.S., that is why I am here.  Many of you have heard and answered my request to make a donation for this cause and foir that, I THANK YOU !!!  Some of yyou may be on the fence ... wanting to give but just have not yet clicked on the DONATION link on msride,com.  Some don't like to put their information on line and I understand thtat ... To those folks, PLEASE contact me at and I will give you an address tto send a check which must be msde out to the M.S. Society.  None of these monies are going to support this trip.  That is all on me and part of my gift to the cause. (I also made the first on line donation web.  So PLEASE consider helping make a difference today with your giftt !!!  I thank you !!!

Please come back tomorrow as my riding to the West Coast continues !!  This journey is far from over so do come back and PLEASE invite your framily, friends, co-workers and ANYONE who might either enjoy or possibly be inspired by this tale and journey of one old man trying to make a little positive difference in this world and particularly to those living with this disease ... I thank you in aadvance for doing the right thing !!!


  1. Read the whole thing!! Thanks for those directions. Thrilled that you are experiencing "good people!!" Keep on keeping on and I'll ride along with you! Carol Yosafat

  2. Read the whole thing!! Thanks for those directions. Thrilled that you are experiencing "good people!!" Keep on keeping on and I'll ride along with you! Carol Yosafat