Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday june 1st

Hello to all ... And hello to randy who I met at our hotel earlier and was interested in the cause and the ride !!!  It has been a long day, mileage wise with over 470 miles for the day and leaving me with over 3,100 muiles since I left Roanoke just 9 days ago !!!  All of the miles today were on the same road, I-40 through the rest of Oklahoma, the panhandle of Texas and to our stop for the night in Tucumcari, NM !!!

Last night I was wondering just how I was going to survive the day today as it appeared that sleep was NOT going to happen ... at least for me !!!  As I was typing the blog for last night. Carl went to sleep early .... Or should I say Mount St. Carl was awakened !!!  The thunderous sounds bellowing would have wakened even a totally deaf man !!!  Aftrer I had laqid there for about an hour, trying to bury my own head in three pillows with no success ... I finally blurted out some intelegible utterance to which Carl awoke and asked if something was wrong ... Hmmmm ... He readjusted himself and was again asleep before me but at least the thunderous roar was at a minimum !!!  He told me this evening just to punch him and make him roll over if it happens again.

As for trhe ride today ... there is nothing spectacular to talk about ... other than running at about 80 mph most of the day ... You had to run that fast just to hang with most of the traffic !!! Even the speed limit in Texas was already set at 75 !!!  As far as Tucumcari, it has been 13 years since I was last in this town.  Back in '02, we spent an overnight here when I rode my bicycle from L.A. to Boston.  That was also the year Carl and I first met and became friends, so the town has meaning to us both.  Tomorrow we want to revisit some of the roads we traveled those 13 years ago but by motorcycle this time !!!

I guess if I did have one moment today that is worth "high lighting" ... It would have to be the radio station I was listening to on my motorcycle as I rolled down the highway.  It was an "oldies" station and the one song that had me going was ... "I just want to celebrate another day of living ... I just want to celebrate another day of life !!!"  I was singing at the top of my lungs but in all of West Texas ... Who in the world was going to hear me !!!  And as poorly as I sing ... In THAT particular moment ... IT WAS BEAUTIFUL !!!  And that is jsut the way life SHOULD be !!!

Even folks living with M.S., like myself, can still live a beautiful life !!!  But wouldn't it be much better if we didn't have this disease to take away basic human ability such as walking normally without a cane, walker or the use of a wheelchair.  That's what a donation from you can help do when sent to folks that are spending their lives trying to BEAT this disease !!!  And I am asking you to help us by making a DONATION today by clicking on that link at my webpage.  No gift is too small ... I Thank you for your time and I hope you will come back tomorrow for the next entry in this adventure !!!  Bless you and good night !!!  Oh, and please write to me either by making a comment at the bottom of the blog or at kennyw@rev,net ... I would love to hear from you !!!  ;)


  1. Thanks for letting us ride with you kenny, this is very exciting!

  2. Wow, 470 miles in a day. Glad to hear all continues to go well. Nothing like howling, I mean singing with the wind in your face :) Hope you rest a little better tonight. Keep the shiny side up!!

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