Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy Trails to You

By now most all of you are aware of not only my cross country motorcycle ride to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and to raise money to help find a cure. Sadly, this adventure came to a sudden end this past Friday in Durango, CO when I had an accident involving a car. Physically, I am OK but I am dealing with thoughts of letting folks down, and myself too. I KNOW no one is upset with the fact I am home and EVERYONE is glad I am OK ... Well, I am too but I have just always expected more out of me than others expected out of me. That is a HUGE reason I have lived such a wonderful life !!! And folks, I am NOT exiting stage left anytime soon !!! I promise you I will take this incident and learn from it and that I will retun with another dream one day !!! I could easily ramblr on into some kind of :manifest" but Iwill close out THIS segment by once again saying THANK YOU to MY FAMILY & FRIENDS !!! Life is wonderful but having eaxch of you as my family and friends makes it even better !!! Much LOVE to all !!! 

And keep my brother Carl in your thoughts and prayers as he continues the journey. Please pray for his safe travels !!! 


  1. The thought of you working on a new dream is sure exciting! For today I will keep you in my prayers that your pain will soon lessen, your journey will continue to inspire as much as it already has. You have touched so many lives Kenny, your awareness for MS is more than successful.

  2. Kenny - Sorry to learn of your mishap, but glad you are ok. You are truly amazing. I hope to turn out like you when I grow up!!! Until then, I will just keep looking forward to seeing you on the greenway. Mike U.