Monday, June 1, 2015

Saturday May 30th

This morning Rowe rolled out of C,arksvillee, TN with a picture perfect Saturday morning. The roads we took were lightly traveled and very picturesque ... Much like our Blue Ridge Parkway. I recall thinking out loud to myself ... "wow, what a beautiful day !!!" The sky was beautiful with white fluffy clouds and the temps cooler than recent days. It seemed to good to last. And I was right !!! By early afternoon the clouds were no longer fluffy but were beginning to grow in size and took on a more ominous look !!!

About noon time the first hint of rain began to hit the windshield of my motorcycle. My once beautiful day was becoming a beast. Just as we began to cross the Mississippi River large rain drops began falling. Just minutes earlier we had put on our rain jackets opting not to wear the rain pants ... BIG mistake as within a couple minutes our jeans were soaked. I was following Carl but was forced to watch the white line along the side of the road to stay within my lane.

The next moment I could look up and farther than 25 feet in front of me ... Carl was no longer there as he had turned at an exit I failed to see.  Not to worry, we reconnected, the rain cleared and we rolled from Missouti into our 7th Sttate of this trip, Arkansas. I was very surprised as to how flat and vast the landscape is in this State. As we stopped for gas, we ran into another group of riders from Wisconsin and shared a pleasant exchange. I shared the reason for our ride and asked them to follow our blog and I hope they do !!!
Tonight we find ourselves in Newport, AR and after a shower, some dinner, a phone call with Susan and a little BLOG. Time, it will be time for sleep. Much deserved sleep as I have ridden nearly 2,300 miles since last Saturday and have nearly 10,000 more before I get home. Please come back tomorrow as this jormey is just beginning !!!

And once again, I would be remiss if I didn't ask you to cPPLEASE consider clicking on the DONATION link and making a gift to the MS Society !!! For those that have already I thank you ,,,, and until tomorrow I bid you a good night ... And my THANK YOU for tonight goes to each of you that come back daily to follow my dream in hopes of one day living in a world free of M.S. ,!!

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