Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday June 2

Hello again and thanks for  checking back in !!!

It was a beautiful morning ans we started off of this leg of our journey.  The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and there were just a vfew white puffs of  clouds in the sky.  We left Tucumcari headed fir Las Vegas, NM ... It was the reverse route of our cross  country bicycle ride back in '02.  I didn't remember it being that long of a ride years ago ... 114 miles ... I guess I was having so much fun that day that I didn't think about how far it actually was.  Fond memories of that special time 134 years ago flooded through my brain as I saw several saites that triggered immediate wemotions !!!  All GOOD emotions !!!!  I loved cycling sao very much ba ck in the day and I really miss those days in ther saddle.  The motor cycle offers an opportunity to have emoions too but pedaling yourself across this great  country is the tops !!!

After leaving Las Vegas, NM we hit I-25 and moved qui ckly to our second stop of the day ... Santa Fe Olf ZTown.  Itg has such a distinctive southwestern look like no qwhre else in this country. We didn't stay long and hit the road again and after a quick lunch ... we hit some wonderful back roads of our newest State to travel in ... Colorado !!!  We were taking back roads and heading toward Durango, co AND I WAS SURPRISED TO STILL SEE SOME OF THE HIGHER MOUNTAIN PEAKS COVERED WITH SNOW !!!  Whoops ... there goes that sneaky CAPS key again !!!

W then dropped down the mountain and headed into a quaint little town ... Pergosa Springs.  I will never forget this town !!!  As I slowed down getting near a junction in the road I heard an odd noise coming from my trike.  Being deaf in one ear I just couldn't figure out what he noise was coming from.  when trying to pull out into the traffic I soon realized that my transmission wasa stuck in first.  I pulled to the side of the road and waited fior Carl to realize I was noi longer riding behind him and come back.  He gave the trike a quick check and ssaid we would need to have it towed toi mthe nearest Harley  shop  which was in Durango .. about 80 miles away !!!

Carl had the number and c called them.  They were sending out a roll back to pic k the trike up so we had to just waigt about an hour or so.  We were just outside a local sports bar so we went in and everyone there went out of their way to make us feel welcomed !!!  There was no need to worrfy ... hopefully the trike's problems will be coverred by warranty ... I HOPE !  so, the rollback arrived and with the help of a few bar patrons, we rolled the trike up on the truck for its trip to Durango Harley Davidson.  They were closed when we arrived just after 7 p.m. MST so we left the trike in front of the service door for them to hopefully start on it first thing in the morning.

We found a motel room directly across the road from the HD shop so that will make it easy for me to get there in the morning.  Carl has to roll on into Colorado Springs tomorrow as his wife is flying into town  to spend some time with a friend.  And except for the aingst of the trike being broke down ... I'm actually looking forward to a day off the trike !!  But you know .... this is just like life ... things break down !!! With MS ... our bodies break down and, like the Harley mechanic, there are folks working hard trying to fix this MS breakdown.  And for that reason .. I am asking you to consider making a donation to the MS Society so that NZO ONE EVER BREAKS DOWN WITH MS AGAIN !! The fix nay not bew that simple but there have been great advances in recent yeaRS ... i BELIEVE IT'S ONLY A MAtter of time ... And for those who have given already I THANK YOU !!!

SO PLEASE comeback tomorrow to find out what is wrong with my trike so that we can get back on the road to complete this journey and this mission !!! With your help and support ... It CAN be done !!

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