Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday June 3rd

Hello from Durango, CO ... One might think that spending an extra day in Durango might be an horrible experience due to my trike being literally in shambles at the present moment but actually it has been a MOST pleasant day !!!

It began with th the folks I met in Pergosa Springs when the trike first broke down.  V EVRYONE Carl and I spoke with were MOST pleasant and helpful !!!  From Josh with Timberline Construction who was going to hok a flatbed to his truck and take the trike to Durango to Laurie who showed concern and offered support to this olod guy struggling to walk across a gravel lot with my cane to Kyle the tow truck driver ... Even when it was time to put the trike on the flatbed, Kyle didn't want to use the joist and pull it on so he asked several bikers leaving the sports baar tcome over and help push it on ... Wirhout ANY hesitation ... they came over and "got her done !!!"

On the drive back to Durango, I candidly asked Kyle if the mechanics at Durango HD were any good ??? He responded immediately that Slade was the best Harley mechanic in the area.  We arrived there a little after 7:00 p.m. and unloaded the trike right in front of the shop door so it would at least have to be moved in the morning.... This morning, Carl went lover to the dealership to see if he might borrow a car to come pick me up.  A few minutes later the BIG BOSS showed up and personally picked me up.  Jeff was a good man ... you could just tell by his demeanor and how he talked.  Of course he didn't tell me he was the Boss  but I thanked him and shook his hand as I exited the truck.

The first person I met when I walked into the shop office was Slade.  He introduced himself and began with what he had already completed before I got there.  The entire rear trunk, luggage rack and seat had been removed so he could get to the heart of the problem.  He then described what he had found but wanted to go deeper into thed heart of the problem to make sure nothing was missed.  Needed parts to make the repair had to be ordered by noon to make the next day delivery.  He set back to work and said he would keep me posted.He described what had happened and I will spare you the details that I'm not  sure even I understood completely. The part I DID undersand was "COVERED UNDER WARRANTY!" This Slade guy is good !!!

While he was doing his work, I was on the line with my insurance agent and with Harley Davidson to see what assistance might be available for the towing expense which had been incurred. I also described to the HD Office how wonderful ALL the folks at the Durango HD had been with me !!! Although not completely covered ... I recouped about half of my expense and I was OK with that !!!  After being at Durango most of the morning and into the afternoon ... It was like I was being accepted into the family and that was a good feeling.  It COULD have been such a negative experience  but happily, it was quite the opposite !!! Even as Jeff was heading out to lunch, he offered to bring back something for me which I graciously accepted.  He returned with a most wonderful burrito and would not accept any payment from me ... unreal !!!  I talked some with Kathy who worked there and was an avid rider.  She is also president of a women's precision riding team and they have traveled literally all over the world.  I told her that if her crew was ever in Virginia thewy had a place to stay !!  By the way, Kathy also gave some money for the cause after hearing my story ... And there was Andy ... a nice lady that kept trying to get me coffee and look after me ... And a smile that could melt an iceberg !!! ;)  Everyone was GREAT !!!

So you see how my day was ... How was your day ???  Oh, I waqs also notified of several donations made to the online cause and I GREATLY appreciate that as well !!!  So please keep your supportive words, generous gifts and thoughtful support coming ... it is ALL appreciated !!!  So come back tomorrow to see just what is going on in my wonderful world !!!  Thanks for being here !!!  ;)

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  1. You are going to have some great stories to tell! I hope you are free from mechanical issues on the rest of your trip. Stay safe and enjoy the scenery. See you when you return. Hank