Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Christisnsburg June 13th

Today I planned on riding from Wytheville, VA to Christiansburg but that plan changed after my brake cable broke late in the afternoon on Monday.  As there were no bike shops in Wytheville I determined my best bet was to return to Roanoke and have Bob fix me today.  To a mechanic, it would or should be an easy repair and Bob proved that theory right ... In 10  minutes he brought back my trike at the repair price of $13.22.  As he worked me in duing their busy season I handed him a $20 and told him to keep yhe change.  Cardinal Bicycle takes great care of me and I am grateful !!!

I actually believe this day off may even improve my riding as well !!!  Only time and tomorrow will prove that theory right or wrong !!!  We are staying at the Hampton Inn in C'burg this evening and have a great rate to boot !!!  Plus, as an added bonus, they serve breakfast here as well in the morning !!!  That saves both time and money and that is always a bonus !!!  ;)

The temperature today hit 90 in Roanoke and is slated for the same tomorrow with scattered thunder storms in the area as well.  I am planning on an early start tomorrow morning and will be disappointed if I am not on the road by 8:00 a.m.  I am thankful that Suzanne has ventured outside her "norm" and has actually been aa bit "chipper" in the morning ... impressive for a sworn :"no a.m.: kind of person she claims to be !!!  All I can say is THANK YOU SUZANNE !!!

Tomorrow covers territory I have not ridden in years but I once knew it all so well ... just not on a hand crank trike !!!  With 50+ miles to cover tomorrow and heat slated to be a factor .... an early start is a must for any level of success.  I want to thank everyone that i following me and a special thank you to those who have sent in a pledge or check to the MSAV !!!  Their address is on the facepage of my website and an on line pledge can be made on my FB page by scrolling to a photo of me on my hand crank (not current photo from yhis trip but old one where I was asking for pledges)  Anyway ... do I have you totally confused now ???  :)

Please come back tomorrow and see how my day went !!!  I thank each of you for following me along this journey !!!  Kenny

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