Friday, June 16, 2017

Lexingfon to Waynesboro June 16th

This time last week I was sitting in a little hotel in Breaks, VA wondering the the coming days would be holding for me.  As I strongly suspected, there were some very hard days ahead of me !!!  For the most part I have done as well as and,uin some instances, even betterthan I may have hoped and/or even dreamed I would have !!!  And in large part I owe my successto this wonderful support group thathas been all around me overthis past week Orf course, Suzannehas been her usual superlative self !!!  WHat she hasn't made happen,she has encouraged others to step up and provide assisrtance !!! Not wnting to leqave out a SINGLE name ... I will just say "you all" ... Whether having physically been a part or some BUSY behind the scene type of supoport ...My LOVE goes out to eachand everyone of you !!!

For all the folks folowing the photos posted, the BLOGS and for all the prayers and emotional support ... I DO feel you all behind me... And if I don'tfeel you behind me then I know it's because youare in front of me pulling me up each nd every hill and mountain I have crossed !!! This has truly been a TEAM effort and we are ALL on same team... TEAM MSAV!!!  Whether you have this disease, are a care partner or care provider or just someone that simply cares ... We are ALL working together for the same cause,goal and purpose !!!

Today's ride began with an interview from a Channel 7 reporter and I heard it was on the 5:00 p/m/ but we could not get that station here in Waynesboro so if anyone has a copy and can post it to my facebook page PLEASE do so for all, including me, to see !!!  The next buig event for day was  getting crossed up on the map and being a bit delayed which actually helped the day out ...  We ended up out on Route 11m, bnot part of Route  76, but a direct route to Vesuvius and with a GREAT downhill run ... which I love downhill runs !!!  I climbed out of Vesuvius for a short distance and realized it was far more of a climb than I cared, or had ability, to takeon!!!  So,  I decided to SAG into Waynesboro and as we got to I-81 I looked back toward the mountain and saw the sky open up with showers !!!  This is the third day in a row thqat I have missed being hit by rain by 30 minutes or less !!!

Toorrow I will SAG to the top ofAfton Mountain and begin my run into Charlottesville ,,, This is going ti incorporate some of our old MS=150 routes with a lot of hills with twists and turns in store !!!  Please say with me as "our"journey continues !!!  YES... IT IS OUR JOURNEY !!!  And if you haven't qalready pleqase reqach into uyour pocket and consider making even a smalldonation to the MSAV !!!  It WILL be appreciated as much as I appreciate each of you !!!  Good night my dear friends and family !!!  Kenny

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