Monday, June 12, 2017

Suhday Jume 11th - Rosedale to Damascus

By all standards this looked like a much easier day than yesterday ... MAYBE !!!  Unlike yesterday I began the day with a good breakfast which made a HUGE as I began my only big climb of he day, Hayters Gap ... Also another appropriately named climb !!!  But after topping that ... all that was left were rollers and a couple long climbs but the only thing that held me up today was leaving at 9:30 and the late day heat ... I do better than most in the heat but a combination of the past two days has taken some toll on my physical body !!!

AND I HAVE TWO ANNOUNCEMENTS TO MAKE !!  The first is HUGE !!!  My friend Billie was slated to help me this trip but her sister had extensive surgery last Monday and Billie will be going home with her to help her recover ... These two have a special bond as 20 years ago Billie had a Stage 4 cancer and her sister provided her with a perfect match bone marrow transplant that save Billie's life !!!  I KNOW BILLIE DID THE RIGHT THING LOOKING AFTER HER SISTER !!!

So loosing my SAG driver just a couple days before the tour can be taxing but I quickly had a second to step up and volunteer ...  Qualifications: a GREAT heart and a hard worker ... With little experience working before noon !!! ;)  Not wanting to seem picky ... at all ... and with no other volunteers stepping forward ... Suzanne O'Connel stepped forward to offer her service as a SAG driver ... And she has really grasped hold just to what she needs to do to help keep this ship floating !!!  Suzanne ... without your stepping up and support I would NOT have been able to do this trio ... And that would, or may, have had some effect on each of us ... especially a HUGE effect it would have laid on me ...

And just like MS effects each of us differently ... isn't it wonderful to have a place like the MSAV to bring or "stuff" where we can share with others that truly understand !!!  And I want to remind each of you to register for our conference this July 27th thru the 30th ... It is going to be a special event with MANY speakers that are well versed in ALL of the current isues and therapies ... So please try to make it part of y7our plans this July !!!

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