Monday, June 12, 2017

June 10th ... SORRY SO LATE !!!

Well, I would like to blame it on a faulty computer or maybe no service but all the blame is on ME because I could not remember my password until today ... AND after I called Beth Garst at Howling Dog Designs ...  Glad I have a friend that knows just how sorry I am so she has kept ALL my codes and passwords ,,,  I keep telling her I owe her an ice cold adult beverage but today she ssaidf it was now up to a KEG !!!

The first day of my cross State adventure was just about my last on a couple aspects ... AT LEAST !!!   This day was FAR from the longest day I have ever ridden on ANY of my bikes but it was positively one of the toughest days ... including my 11,000' peak I crossed just last year !!!  We had 5 separate mountains to traverse not counting the endless hills of SWVA !!!  As I approached my first town, Haysi, VA, I saw a sign which said Corporate Limits so I figure the town would be over the next hill ... NOT !!!   Three monster hills later I rolled into town

I was told while eating a bit pf lunch that one last mountain was still in my way of tonites finish line
... Big A Mountain ... Well I think I have ab idea what the "A" is short for now !!!  It was a long fay with over 10 hours in the saddle !!!-

I had one mechanical issue today when both my large and small derailure failed to work ... leaving me stuck with just one gear ... NOT very conducive to riding these hills and mountains !!!  Several times I almost pulled to the side of the road but I kept pushing and after just continually working the shifters they just began to work on their own ... I am not a mechanic and I have no way of explain both how they jammed sand how they began to work again  . 

And that's the way this body works ... Sometimes it just quits when you want or need it most and at other times it works ... almost ... as we would like for it to !!!   That
s the way MS can effect you ... JUST ON WAY as there are so many different ways !!!  Our MSAV is a special group as we have all found out !!!  It is a place we re accepted just as we are !!!  And t6hat is one reason I am riding to raise awareness and to raise a little momney to help kep our group moving forward !!!  Most of all ... I thank each of you for following me and sending me all your great support !!!  Until later !!!  Kenny

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