Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday June 11th - Damascus to Wytheville

Today I knew I was going to get an earlier start as this was going to be the longest day yet and the warmest ...  Thia morning wasa cooler than anticipated and I was even hit by a few random raindrops which actually felt good on my body ...  There were even a few areas I rode through that were wet from shoerrs that had just been through the area ...

Despite the morning breakfast at our hotel I was hit by a mid morning bonk which made me feel as though I were pedaling through mud and with flat tires  so, honestly, I did today what I had no intentions of doing ... hitching a ride in the SAG vehicle.  Since early Saturday I had been pushing this body up some sizeable hills and I decided to give my body a short break ... and well deserved if I might6 say so myself !!!

After passing through Rural Retreat I decided it was time to return to my bike for the ride into Wytheville !!!  About three miles from town I loose wi5re suddenly began to dance in my face ... With just a quick glance ... Even my NON mechanical could tell my brake cable was broken ... The one I had just fized last week !!!  I inquired in Wytheville if they had a bike shop to which I was told NO ,,,

After weighing my options ... the most workable one I could come up with was to bring the bike back to Cardinal for repairs on Tuesday and return to Christiansburg Tuesday night and resume riding to Troutville from there on Wednesday morning.  I really don't like missing even one stage but I have a schedule I need to maintain !!!  Funny ... But MS always has and comes with its OWN schedule ... Never knowing when or if it is going to hit or how bad when it does !!!  That's why having a group of friends like the MSAV is SO important !!!  Thank you for your support !!!  Kenny


  1. Love you Kenny! This is just God's way of saying take a breather! The heat tomorrow is supposed to be worse. I'm glad you're taking a day to not only fix your bike but to also, rest your body. You are truly an inspiration.

  2. I agree with Kristi; you needed this break. I've been thinking of you each day, pulling for you thru every mile you ride. Prayers for u & those muscles of yours to cooperate. Pedal on my friend & keep the faith. I am! :-)

  3. We will miss you at the meeting today but we will be thinking of you. I hope things work out ok today and you get to continue your journey.
    See you later and we are still cheering for you.