Thursday, June 15, 2017

Troutville to Natural Bridge NO ... Lexington

Good evening ALL !!!  At first glance today was going to be an easy day ...perhaps a bit too easy so midway through the morning I made a decision to change the over night from Natural Bridge to Lexington ... And I am glad I did !!!  After leaving Troutville at a good hour ... about 8:00 a.m. ... I found myself making very good time rolling down Nace/Lithia Road and began to realize I would be ending my riding day about noon ... FAR TOO EARLY !!! 

It had been years since I had last ridden this route but I still remembered it with a lot of fondness !!!  And after making the decision to roll on to Lexington I knew I would be heading down an old favorite ... Plank Road into Lexington.  And as luck would have it ... just like yesterday, a major rain storm hit about thirty minutes after checking into my hotel !!!  So what ended up making this day special is only going to make tomorrow's ride a little more difficult a little earlier in the day ... VESUVIUS !!!  The climb I have only heard about ...whether you are going up or coming down ... IT IS A BEAST !!!  So, I guess tomorrow I will find out for myself !!!

Another BEAST that effects myself and many of my friends is Multiple Sclerosis ... Whether it's an uphill battle or a downhill slide ... It IS a beast !!!  And that is why I am here ... to help raised awareness about M.S. and to raise a little money to help my friends better cope with this beast !!!  Many of you have already stepped forward to help by making a donation and for that I truly thank each of you !!!  But to those that haven't ... there is still plenty of time to step forward and help out !!!

What ever you decide to do or wherever your life's journey takes you ... I ask that you at the very least to follow my BLOG ... And hopefully you spirit will be touched and  ... which I hope include doing the right thing which is ... you will have pleasant memories from doing the :right thing which I hope is making a donation to the MSAV !!!  I am tired now and crashing out so I will check cards
tomorrow and hope fully wew will soon be on the right thing !!!

So I bid you all a fond farewell and please good night until our paths cross again !!!  So, stay strong, stay fit and peace be with you and yours And until we meet again so good night and God Bless until our paths cross again !!! Kenny

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  1. These afternoon storms seem to be becoming a routine. Glad they're coming late enuf for u to get some riding time in. Hubby & I are enroute to myrtle beach but ut I'll continue to follow ur journey. Prayers going up for you every day buddy!