Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wayneswboro (Afton Mountain) to Charlottesville June 17

Good evening all !!!  I trust each of you had a good Saturday !!!  Even though I am in a new location tonite every day is full of many similarities ... even the hotels and the rooms all seem the same !!!  Although I know they really are not ...  I am truthfully feeling the fatigue creeping in on me ... As much as I enjoy cycling ... there are moments when my body just wants to say ENOUGH ALREADY !!!  But then someone sees the sign on the side of my car and stops his vehicle to say he has MS and I am q1uickly brought back into the reality of just what this event is about ... raisning awareness aqbout Multiple Sclerosis and hopefully raise a liottle money for the MSAV !!!

Although last night was spent in Waynesboro, we did not actually ride teere but as there was no lodging on Afton, we decided to drop down into Waynesboro for a room..  As Brenda and Gloria had to part today ... Wayne and Juanita Gilespie came in to help Suzanne with the work needed to help keep this ol' guy rolling down the highway !!!  Even folks back home are getting in on providing support and ALL efortrs are greatly appreciated !!!

It all  began with a good breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express in Waynesboro !!!  Then I sagged to Afton Mountain where there was some fog this morningf but not too heavy ... Then one of my favorite cycling aspects ... A FAST DECENT DOWN HILL ... WITH SOME GOOD TURNS !!!  ;)   The rest of the day consisted of back country roads around Albemarle County until we made a turn onto US Route 250 East right through the middle of town and UVA campus ... Almost as myuch fun aqs a fast dowqn hill run !!! 

So here we are tonite in another Holiday Inn and hoping to get rest for tomorrows ride into Mineral, VA or womewhere close to there ...  This trip is beginning to wind dfown but it is NOT too late to make a donation to the MSAV !!!  I know many of you have already but I know some are still on that fence ... PLEASE take a moment and reconsider making a donation of ANY size to the MSAV by maiking a check to the address on or by clicking on the donation kink on my facebook page !!!

This has been a tough and challenging journey and it isn't over yet !!!  Even when I roll into Yorktown sometime this week ... it still won't be over ... so please help me by making a donation a donation today !!!  Until tomorrow ... Good night and good night !!!  Kenny


  1. Kenny, you're an amazing man on another amazing journey. You provide so much inspiration to the lives of others. You are the kind of person we all struggle to be.Continued prayers for you. Stay safe out there.☺

  2. Kenny, you're amazing each & every day, & a blessing to so many. My prayers continue to travel with you. Hugs!

  3. Hey Kenny! You and your angels passed us on Saturday, not to far from the old MS site - Pollack Vineyards. We were on our tandem coming towards you, and cheered you on. Wow, what a tremendous feat it is that you're about to complete! So impressive! We donated today!!! Keep it up buddy! You inspire so many! Judy & Juan