Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June14th: Christiansburg to Troutville

Good evening all !!!  I awoke this morning with the news of a 20 story apartment complex having burned in London last night.  A thought I had actully had last night when the hotel I was in put me in a haqndicap accessible room on the 5gth floor of a five floor hotel and over halfway down the hallway ... My thoughtsat thattime ...In case of fire throw me in first ... Not really funny given there were deaths and serious injuries but that was just my actual thought.

I like hotels that offer a morning breakfast as there is no better way to assure I get some food in me before hitting the road.  Plus, it saves some money along the way as well !!!  It was mostly overcast this morning as I started riding about 8:45 but I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before the sun burned those clouds off ... And I was right !!!  But the initial run down Ellet Road and over to Luster's Gate went quite wel making better time than I would have suspected !!!   And then the sun made its appearance ... just as I suspected !!!  Although it didn't seem as warm today as yesterday there were moments that seemed close ... usually when I was climbing a hill !!!  But I must say that the hills of today are pale to those of just a few days ago !!!

After finishing up Cement Plant Road and crossing Route 220 in Daleville I had to climb my lastthree hills of the day on Route 779.  Years ago I rode these hills often and with generalease but here I am 20 years later with a broken body and a threewheel machine that climbs like a rock ... BUT I MADE IT !!!  The roads around 604 and Route 11 here in Troutville are an absolute mess but I feel swure there is a metghod to their madness ... I just don't get it myself !!!  When we arrived we were greeted by fellow MSers Wayne & Juanita Gilespie ... Although Wayne does not have MS we accept him just as he is !!!  Judy was there as was Brad and Brenda and Gloria had made their way over .. Actually they assisted Suzanne in transporting me across the mountain safely !!! 

Wayne brought a slip of paper to me with the name of some folks that had mailed in donations to the MSAV ... Kay and Chip from my high school days, some 40+ years ago now, reached out and provided generous donations and a couple cycling buddies from Roanoke: Gary and Barbara did the same !!!  THANK YOU ALL !!!  And twice today from along the road ... People would come out and offer cash donations just because my Subaru has the paint on it provided by Suzanne !!!  It's cool getting those donations from complete strangers !!!  But I must admitthat Suzanne said the paint would wash right off ... Well, we ad a big rain storm today just  after we checked in and the paint is still on there as clear as ever !!  HHhhhmmm ...

Folks, it's now time to get a little serious ... I am doing this ride for a cause and a purpose ... to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and to raise a little money to help with our MSAV !!!  Such a cool group with a lot of cool people !!!  Many of you have already sent in donations and for that I THANK YOU !!!  Some of you are sending me good thoughts and vibes for the trip and I THANK YOU for that as well.  But I still ask you to please consider giving even a small donation (or large !!!) to help our group to continue to assist folks living with this disease !!!  And in any case, I ask that you come back tomorrow to continue to follow my journey all the way to Yorktown, VA !!!  This is not an easy venture for me as the natural aging process is further complicated by M.S. and a myriad of other health issues !!!  PLEASE consider giving me a hand with this cause !!!  God Bless & Good Night !!!  Kenny

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