Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day ONE ... Montrose to Ouray ... June 19, 2016

Today was our first riding in this years event ,,, And it was quite warm with temperatures approaching 90 degrees but there was a good wind helping to keep it a little cooler.  Never thought much of riding in the wind until today !!! 

Honestly though, I was a bit apprehensive this morning as is common when doing a new ride or riding with folks you just met ... That "unknown" factor creeps in creating a cloud of doubt.  But as is usually the case the doubt is short lived and one does as they have hoped they would ... only as long as one has prepared and trained properly a I have done this year ...

Our altitude rose from just under 6,000' to over 7,700' and most surprisingly for me ... my riding did not seem bothered by the altitude change and slightly reduced oxygen levels ... a reason to make me smile !!!  ;)  and after arriving I spoke with Matt, who is the owner and founder on Adaptive Adventures and still a rider in his own tour ... And quite an impressive rider I might add given the fact he is a paraplegic, uses a wheelchair full time and rides a hand crank trike very similar to mine.  After we all arrived at the hotel in Ourey (pronounced U-ray), Matt complimented me and said I rode hard today. 

Tomorrow is going to be a most challenging day with an almost 3,500' climb right out of the gate !!!  Most of the folks in our group have chosen to "sag" to the top of Red Mountain Pass and just beyond some road construction that is there.  Matt has chosen to ride his hand crank up the mountain and you know who is going to be there riding with him a well !!!  This is the same route we drove over yesterday on our way to Montrose and truly the steep climb and switch backs looked just like those in the Tour de France ... And yes ... I am a bit intimidated by the thought of riding this mountain ... but I am also excited to be challenging myself as well !!!

And when we finish Red Mountain we still have two more climbs of over 10,000' plus nearly 65 additional miles o ride to get to Durango so I am going to need your positive thoughts, wishes and prayers tomorrow more than I ever have before as this appears to be the toughest physical challenge I have EVER faced !!!  But I know you all are with me just as my Mom is still riding on her boy's shoulder and for that I THANK YOU !!!

And I ask you to also remember my good friends back there in Virginia who face the struggle everyday of living with Multiple Sclerosis !!! Please consider making a gift to the MSAV, if you haven't already and remember each gift stays local, is tax deductible and there are NO FEES going for administrative costs as the MSAV is completely staffed by volunteers and has a Board of Directors that monitors all expenditures !!!  So consider making that gift today if you haven't already done so !!!

And please remember to come back tomorrow to discover how I did on those long and quite daunting climbs !!!  Just a I know you will be supporting me on the climb ... I also look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow a well !!!  Good night and ALL MY THANKS !!!  Kenny


  1. Sounds like a hard but successful day. May tomorrow be the same!! Continued prayers for you.

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  3. I am so excited for you, so glad you are off to a great start kenny. The altitude was a huge concern, so I am sure that has been a relief, now you can think about bigger and better things like tomorrow's altitude....hahaha! Please do know that everyone at the Roanoke Valley MS Support Groups, the MSAV and all your friends across the US are right there with you all the way! Many hugs, Suzanne