Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's me again !!!

My friends ... I just tried entering my BLOG for this last Monday and lost it nearly 2/3's of the way done ... Honestly, my body is just too fried to concentrate properly so I am checking out for now to get some much needed dinner and rest.  I hope you have not lost interest in this BLOG due to the uncontrolled issues that have prevented me from sharing my experiences !!!  Trust me when I say my desire to make a difference in our MS world remains very high !!! I hope you will return later and continue to give me the prayers and support my body is desprately needing !!!  Thank you ...  Kenny


  1. Still here...still interested. Keep on keeping on, the details can wait. Continued prayers for you! :)

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  3. Are you kidding, how could we ever lose interest, you are amazing and we are with you, up and down mountains and though weak Internet! You are the best and can't wait to hear more when you get recharged.... We will send positive vibes your way, ok?