Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tuesday Durango, CO to Cortez, CO

Hello All !!!  I'm glad to be back here with Ya'll !!!  The ride from Durango to Cortez was a good ride ... We did have some climbing but is was more gradual in nature unlike the previous day !!!  And there was one ood bit of news to start the day ... Last year when I was in Durango I rear ended a car with my motorcycle and was sent flying ... This year, I made it out of town and NEVER came close to any car bumpers ... A VAST improvement I must say !!!

Today I wanted to ride with one of the other hand Cyclists, Myles,  a 33 years old who has been a quadriplegic for nine years ...  A remarkable young man who loves a good challenge himself !!!  We spent th morning just cruising along and that was fine with me.  After pushing myself the way I did yesterday, I was really beginning to "feel the pain" !!!  And with two more days until we reach our rest day ... zzzzi knew I needed to pace myself a bit to get through.

After we had reached our lunch stop we had the highlight of our day ... long uninterupted downhil run into our stopping point for the night, Cortez, CO.  I really like going fast down those mountains and again hit speeds in excess of 50 mph !!!

But I must admit that despite taking it a little easier today .. my body is feeling the pain.  My shoulders are quite sore from all the spinning and climbing but I am trying to push through it. Also my left shoulder is experiencing pain related to the tore rotator cuff I received during my motorcycle wreck last year ... And to be even more honest ... I am developing a sore spot on my backside despite borrowing an air cushion seat from Matt.  Right now I am OK and dealing with it all ... I can only hope that any and/or all of these symptoms do not increase.  So please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers ... I will be 60 in a couple weeks and this body just doesn't recover the way it once did.

I know we ALL deal with our own set of aches and pains and the ones related to our MS symptoms are the ones where we all "get it !!!"  With our MS, it's tough to sometimes explain our "unseen" pain but WE know just how real it is !!  That's why it is so special that we have our Roanoke Valley M.S. Support Group where we can be comfortable being ourselves and not have to try to pretend our "stuff" doesn't exist for a society that can't understand what we deal with on a daily basis.

And as always I close in asking those who haven't already made a donation to the MSAV ... please consider doing so today !!!  As always ... I appreciate each of you !!!Please check back later as I work on getting this BLOG back up to speed !!!  Kenny


  1. Glad you had a good day for the most part. Keep hanging in there. Continued prayers! :)

  2. We had our meeting tonight and you were missed but we had your picture with us and everyone was asking how you were doing. We were all thinking of you and all you do for us.