Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday June 8, 2016

Good afternoon all ... Or at least it is afternoon while I am writing this entry !!!  ;)  This time next week I should be most of the way across Kentucky as I head at least to St. Louis on my first day going West.  With my goal of arriving in Colorado on the second day of my journey and reach Montrose (where the ride begins and ends) by the third day.  I'm sure ANY time I can spend there acclimating will be beneficial and if I can even get in a short training ride at altitude ... that would be most helpful as well.

 I surely hope someone is checking out my BLOG as I have only had one comment so far ... Not that I mind writing these "notes to self" but it would be nice if someone else was enjoying this process and adventure too !!!  ;)  So PLEASE ... drop me a brief note or word to let me know I am not in this journey without my "emotional warriors and support" !!!  I need you folks more than you may realize !!!

This past Sunday as I rolled into the finish at the Colonial Crossroads MS-150  my heart was FILLED with the cheers and support I received from the folks that remained to the end ... Sure ... Most were just probably glad to se the last rider finish so they could pack up and leave but they at least made me feel like they wanted to be there for me !!!  And I am CERTAIN they were !!!

So, a few words ... either good and positive ... even critical comments (not necessarily what I really want but at least willing to hear all sides ... pro and con).   So for now I am off to get some things done before we head out of here ... Tomorrow they are having a "Get Rid Of Me" party ... I mean a "Send Off" party  !!!  I love this support group so much !!!  They are truly like extended family to me and I love to look after my family as nothing is more important or means more to me than FAMILY !!!

So my Friends & Family ... I hope to hear from you at some point and I especially hope you will continue to follow and support my efforts as I ride the Rockies for the MSAV !!!  Ciao for now and Peace Out !!!  Kenny


  1. Kenny, I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to getting updates on your big journey. Your drive and determination is beyond amazing. Prayers for a safe and successful trip. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Thanks Donna ... Your kind words mean the world to me !!!