Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The last HOORAH !!! (OR IS IT ???)

To ALL my DEAR FRIENDS that have followed this old guy's dream and adventure ... As I said on FB ... I THANK EACH OF YOU FROM THE TOP, BOTTOM AND MIDDLE OF MY HEART !!!  Although I was the only one on that hand crank trike I KNOW I was NOT ALONE !!!  I had the support of so many ... pushing me ... pulling me and literally willing me up and over those mountain passes ...  And I have KNO FOUBT I could NOT have achieved this dream without having EVERYONE'S support around me at ALL times !!!

Although my body is still physically hurting and may be for a while ... I promise to you ... my friends living with M.S., for those who are care providers and for those of you who simply care ... I will MEVER quit as long as I can draw a breathe into these lungs !!!  and EACH OF YOU are my inspiration !!!  I am aware ... that without your support and friendship ... I would ne nothing ...

My next dream is just that ... still a dream ... But just like the Bicycle Tour of Colorado was once upon a time a dream ... It is NOW a reality ...  One I hope we can ALL draw strength and encouragement from  for this was not just one man's ride ... I WAS RIDING FOR ALL OF US !!!

And so ... until I find another dream to share with those I love may I encourage you to pursue your own dreams ... And ALWAYS remember that achieving the dream is not the real meaning behind all this but the fight and battles to get there ... even the one's you don't win ... as long as you never quit ... YOU CAN NEVER LOSE !!!

Take care my friends !!! United we stand ... Divided we fall ... May the MSAV and ALL of our friends stand together for a long time !!!



  1. Welcome home Kenny. I am glad you got achieve one of your goals.

  2. Hi Kenny, sounds like the ride in Colorado was amazing. Training in the rockies for a competitive advantage!! Welcome back to VA!! You are an inspiration to us all!! Let me know if you can make it to the camp this year. It would be cool to have you share your experience. Paul Kingston

  3. Kenny, you continue to inspire so many, including me, not just with your physical feats but with your enthusiasm and optimism. Your blogs are honest and while you describe daunting challenges you are overcoming, you always keep the focus on the successes of others, instead of yourself. Please keep dreaming, keep blogging, and keep pushing forward! Greg Gearhart, PH Class of 74