Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wednesday June 22, 2016 Cortez to Telluride

Hello all !!!  I hope both of you reading this BLOG had a good day !!!  Mine started EARLY !!!  4:00 a.m. TOO EARLY TO WAKE UP TO GO RIDE A BIKE !!!  So we were on the road at 5:00 a.m. but the weather was close to perfect for riding !!!  We left early as well: 5:00 a.m., and other than being too dark to see, after we left the city lights.

Matt, Myles and myself initially rode together as a unit but we eventually all split up riding on our own or with other riders for a short while.  At first I ran fairly well but after I tried a short kick  ... my "battery" was beginning to lag behind and I fell off on a most reasonable pace That was being set.  Was I just having a bad moment and soon to recover or was this the beginning a much larger issue ???  The day could only tell !!!

The road we left Cortez on had become a rather flat, excluding an occasional hill must have been to add a little balance to our long day still ahead of us ... Though at moments I felt like I was riding along at a reasonable speed: just when a group of riders flew past revealing I was only puttering along.  Although it was a long flat road, there had been and still was a construction zone along our same route, leading to big trucks and lose gravel.  Not much fun ... particularly as the heat of the day was starting to rise !!! And just to add a little excitement to the mix ... there was a thunder storm brewing in the distance and word was"possible severe thunder storms" in the area.

Then there came that moment when my right rear wheel dropped off a short side of the road and put a pinch in my tire giving me a flat tire ... my first one on the rear wheel since I bought the bike.  Reluctantly putting a possible end to my day.  just then the Adaptive Adventures van drove by and advised me we were being taken off the route due to an impending storms ... So was this an unofficial withdrawal from today's or was I forced to withdraw by "unforeseen storms" ???

Anyway ... we drove into Telluride and went to our "mountain village"; our home for two nights and some much needed rest !!!  I must confess, my entire body aches and hurts as much as it ever has !!!  Additionally, I am having  other issues, even though I am using "protection" ... O.K. just checking tosee if you have fallen asleep yet !!!  Even with the "air cushion" I have been using helps ... my "pain" there hurts quite intensely ... I need this day off the bike so much !!!

And that's the way life is !!! Even with the right "medication", there is no guarantee other "stuff" might hit us !!!  Just like our M.S. hit us !!!  So what is one to do: see a Dr.,  take your medication as directed or maybe even join a Support Group"  !!!  And I hope those of you living with this disease are encouraged to do 111  PLEASE REACH OUT AND FIND US TODAY !!!

Until our paths keep me in your thoughts and vibes and prayers for a day of rest and haling ... PLUS remember I have to get my trike fixed tomorrow too !!!  Take care ... Kenny                    


  1. So proud of you Kenny! Sending prayers and well wishes your way! Much love to you!

  2. So proud of you Kenny! Sending prayers and well wishes your way! Much love to you!

  3. Doing well back here in Va. Big storms yesterday with some areas flooding but the sun is shining today! Sounds like you had an eventful day but you seem to be rolling with the punches. Happy to hear you will be having some down time. Rest and enjoy!! Prayers and good vibes being sent your way! :)

  4. We are all so proud of you! Hope you got your tire fixed and had a good ride today. Sending you love, hugs and positive vibes from Roanoke, VA. Love you UK!!!

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  6. I have gotten behind in letting you know how much your ride means to all of us here, I was in Roanoke for our support group meeting, 49 people NO 50! YOU were sitting in the front row, ok I am 'testing' you, your picture was there, we all applauded, sent you major vibes, hope you felt them. Hope some rest helped you heal and recharge, a challenge many time with ms without pushing yourself so hard, thanks and hugs.