Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016

Tomorrow I head West to begin ... or should I say ... continue living my life's dream ... to see a world free of M.S. !!!  Toinighys entry will be a short one as I have finished packing and will soon try to get a few hours rest before hitting the rode around 3:00 a.m. with hopes of making it to at the very least ... St Louis by tomorrow evening and near Denver by Thursday night ... Those BIG hills are calling my name and I hope I have trained sufficiently enough to make it over each and every pinnacle !!!

I am hoping more folks will be following the journey here and that this BLOG encourages those both living with the disease and motivates others to possibly make even a small donation to a MOST worthy cause ... the MSAV !!!

Thank you in advance for being here and coming back for the rest of the story and PLEASE forward this site along to anyone you may think would have any interest !!!  Until our paths cross again !!!  Resat well my friends !!!  Kenny


  1. Kenny, I don't have MS but I am inspired by your spirit and will to do good in this world. I really hope that one day your dream will come true. Remember Kenny, it's the start of this journey that makes you a winner not the end. Safe travels my friend!

  2. We are with you all the way kenny! Hugs suzanne