Friday, June 24, 2016

Thursday & Friday: Telluride to Naturita

Hello all!!!  Today's entry will be little different, since Thursday was a rest day and Friday a riding day, both days will be included in this Blog to get us up to speed.                                                                                                    
I awoke early Thursday morning and my body did not feel just right.  Both my arms and legs ached a great deal.  But, the sore I had developed on my backside had turned into what might become a potential ride stopper.  Additional, the flatted right rear tire had not been repaired as a mechanic had not been available.  So, at this point, I made the tough decision to stop riding in this tour.  I was greatly disappointed, however,  I felt like I was making the right decision.  Unlike last years tour, where the wreck on the motorcycle and untimely departure could be attributed mainly to my error: this years departure was the result of giving what I believed 110% of my effort to the cause so backing out at this point was not a "failure" but rather my body's response to my effort given.  As disappointed as I should have been there was some peace in my decision.  

On Friday morning I awoke and felt a bit lost as I knew my friends were preparing to leave and I was not among them.  I climbed in the car and we headed to Naturita.  We stopped a couple of times to provided assistance to my fellow riders and each time I felt a bit lost believing I should be riding with them.  Additionally, this route consisted of over 5000'  of decent and 1700' of climbing, a riders dream.  After arriving at our hotel decision was made to consider repairing my strike for the last day's ride.  The parts needed for this repair were assembled together and taken to the bicycle mechanic who quickly made the repairs.  The strike was now ready and I had a twinge of excitement building within as it was now becoming more clear that I was indeed going to return in the last days ride of the 2016.  My dream was indeed reigniting that my return was going to be a reality.  Although my body pains continue, I felt there was enough left in me to ride one last day.

Living with MS is very much the same, as you never really know what your symptoms maybe from one day to the next.  I believe that is why we must all choose to live our lives to our own fullest potential on our good days and strive as quickly as we can to overcome our bad ones.  That is why the Roanoke Valley Multiple Sclerosis Support Group was established.  To give folks a place to connect with other folks that "get it" .  This group ca9 not continue without your assistance.  Please consider making your tax deductible donation today and make it out to The Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Virginia and mail it to the address listed on the face page of  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Please return tomorrow to find out how this tour ends.  Although this tour maybe coming to a close, our fight with MS continues and we can not do it without your help.  Until tomorrow... Take care!!!

P.S.:   pleas leave any comments, questions or concerns at the bottom of this page.  Thank you,  Kenny


  1. Kenny, I feel like your attempt at this and your fighting spirit doesn't allow failure. You started out a winner and you will end as such. :)

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  3. You are amazing! You communicate remarkably, you relate reality to MS so that others can understand. I have been 'forced' to give up so many times, then I find another charge or miracle just like you have, a perfect example of how hard it is to not only live with life, but add the unpredictability of ms to it, you not only tell the story, you live it, showing people the extremes, that is so cool kenny, thank you. Your story is empowerment!

  4. Kenny we are so proud of the effort you have given. I am so glad you decided to ride the last day I know that means a lot to you we just don't want you to damage your body, because to us you are a hero.