Saturday, June 18, 2016

SsturdasyJune 18, 2016

Good day to all !!!  I have to start off today with just how I started my day ... I left my hotel in Durango, CO nd went directly across the highway to Durango Harley Davidson where I met up with some old friends, particularly Slade Boyher ...the head mechanic that spear headed the repair of my trike both with the initial break down repair and putting my Tri Glide back together after I rear ended the car last year !!!  They treated me like family back then and were just as friendly today !!!  My BEST to you guys and I look forward to our paths crossing again one day !!!

Next, we drove to Montrose , CO ... the exact route we will be traveling for the next two days but only in reverse.  All I can say is OMG ... I am certain to be calling His name many times particularly on Monday as we ride from Ourey to Durango ... I mean that day will be hitting me with some of the toughest climbs I have EVER attempted ... ONLY THEY ARE FAR LONGER !!!  I hope I am ready ... even with all of the training rides I have done this year ... The length, the steepness, the switch backs .... ALL hve left a mark in my short term memory !!!

But as I think about the challenge ahead I also think about ALL of my friends back home living day in and day out with this disease and I am motivated to climb on that hand crank trike and just give it my extreme best, as I KNOW each and everyone of those folks ... AND MANY MORE ... are there with me in spirit ALL THE WAY !!!   With that kind of support behind me, in front of me and ALL around me ... even if I falter at some point I WILL NOT LOSE !!!  ;)  Every move I make over the next week is covered !!!  All I have to do is show up and give my best !!!

I am a blessed man to have so much support from friends and family !!!  My heart beats faster as I write these words because I know each of you are with me ... Just as I am with you ... particularly my friends back home living with this disease !!!  I want each of you to know that my heart is with you 110% !!!  So please, just as I am sacrificing these next few days to help make a difference in the lives of my friends living with M.S. ... please consider making a small sacrifice by making a tax deductible donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Virginia (MSAV).  No gift is too small or insignificant to help make a difference !!!  And please mail this gift to the address on the front page of the site....

The group leader from Colorado Adaptive Assistance has a tee shirt on today that says it all to me ... There is NOTHING that can stand in front of you than what already lives WITHIN you !!!  Both thinking about what I have in front of me this week and living with all the issues we all have in our lives ... there should be no greater words to motivate and inspire each of us to make a difference in our own way ... And just as no gift is too small ... the gift of yourself or your time or talents or whatever you may have to give ... lets ALL help make a difference by giving something to help make even a small difference in this life we live ... For even if you live with M.S. or not ... WE# ARE ALL A BLESSED PEOPLE !!!

So, stay with me my friends as this trip continues ....  For your gift of a good thought, a kind word or a spoken prayer mean the world to me !!!  See ya'll tomorrow !!!  Kenny ...

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  1. All of us at the MS Alliance of Virginia are right there with you kenny!