Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday June 11, 2016

The time is counting down so quickly ... This time next week I will be in Montrose, CO ... meeting up with new friends that I will be sharing an unbelievable experience with ... Riding both the mountains and valleys of the Colorado Rockies !!!  I am somewhat apprehensive about riding in the higher mountains but I know I have trained long and hard since the first days of January us through and including the Virginia/West Virginia Colonial Crossroads MS-150 last weekend !!!  If I'm not ready ... I really don't know of much more I can do or could have done to be any better prepared than I am.

I look back on this past Thursday evening where folks from the Roanoke Valley M.S. Support group gathered to wish me well on this adventure.  I love this group of folks as hey really DO "GET IT" !!!  I appreciate the support of all my friends but my friends living with M.S. know the daily struggles and issues without any explanation necessary.  I am also fortunate to have other family and friends that do not hesitate to give me their support, encouragement and love to make this old guy feel really special !!!

I was thinking about riding today but got a late start due to breakfast with friends at "Cars and Coffee" ... the local car club I joined a few years ago and have made some really good friends there that will be following this BLOG as well ... I also have friends from the local Harley Owners Group that will be checking in along with my HMRC riding friends that are experiencing a wonderful week at Lake George, NY ... just where I would be right now if I weren't heading West this coming Wednesday.  A trade off I had to accept this year knowing full well I will be back with them next year !!!

I's 92 degrees here now and not sure if a short spin would do me more harm than good so I will probably wait until tomorrow and get a spin around the greenway and some of the smaller hills just to keep the "motion" going in these arms.  I have spoken with a dear friend in Elizabeth, CO and hope to be staying there at least one day before I head out to Montrose to meet up with the Adaptive Adventures group.  I also plan on getting in a couple short rides at "altitude" to give this body and these lungs just a glimpse of what lies in store from June 19th thru the 25th !!!

And I hope that YOU will continue to follow this old guys dream through this BLOG ... I sppreciate all the support I have received thus far but I hope that possibly more of you will help out the MSAV by sending even a small donation to the address on the face page of ...  No gift is too small and ALL gifts are tax deductible as well !!!  And PLEASE come back for my next entry or send a comment to me at any time ... I love to hear from my family and friends !!!  Until next time ... Ciao and Peace Out !!!  Kenny


  1. I find your attempt at this amazing journey incredible. I have always been a believer in the human spirit and what we can accomplish if we just believe in ourselves and set our mind to it. I know you have probably worked very hard in preparation for this trip and I hope that hard work fuels the confidence you need. I personally believe there is no failure in a situation like this. You are standing up to and raising awareness for a cause that has touched your life and the lives of so many others. That makes you a winner from the start in my eyes. I will be making my donation tomorrow and riding along with you via your blog. That means you will have to do all the hard work! LOL!! Good luck and safe travels!

    1. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words ... No one EVER sets out to fail and I agree with you ... One NEVER fails as long as they try !!!